Part 21

Jai was still sleeping with Vennela nestled in his arms when he heard that. He frowned and felt Vennela mumbling and nestling more into him and his arms tightened around her. And they heard it again and Vennela scratched Jai’s neck in irritation making him hiss. Vennela mumbled into his neck.

“Mm.. Sorry.. Bava..”

“Vennela! Leave me. I will go and see who is hitting our door early in the morning!”

“Mmm.. Vaddu.. Bava.. Vellaku.. Dont go”


Jai rolled his eyes.

“Vennela! That thindi ramudu is outside!”

“He doesn’t have any other work.”

She snuggled more into him. He sighed.

“Rei Bava! Peddamma has sent Mint tea and almonds for Vennu.”

That got Jai’s attention. He caressed Vennela’s hair.

“Vennela.. Let go off me ma”

And that did the trick. Jai addressing her Ma always had that effect on her. She frowning moved away and laid her head on the pillow and curled up. Jai kissed her forehead and got down the bed. Wearing his open neck shirt, he opened the door to see Arjun standing there glaring at him. He thrust the flask and plate in Jai’s hand and pushed his specs on his nose.

“Seriously? Poddune 8 ayindi. And you had me shouting here like some 5 year old kid”

“Who asked you to?”

“Come on Bava! What else do you expect? Knock your door and leave them down here like some hotel?”

“You could have!”

“Rei rei! Peddamma gave me specific instruction that you would not even care for the knock.”

“Then why are you complaining”

Jai tried stifling his smile as he saw Arjun taking deep breath. He so liked riling him up.

“How is Vennu?”

Arjun asked calming himself. Jai sighed.

“Not today Arjun!”

“Did you check with a doctor?”

“We did. Doctor says its natural for some. It might cure or we might have to..”


Vennela called and Jai looked helplessly as Arjun who nodded understanding.

“Pedda Mavaiyya said that you would stay with Vennela today. So if it might be of any help.. Can Manasa see to the appointments in office?”

Jai was only thankful.

“If she is ok with it.”

“She boring herself at home ra Bava. Let her..”

Jai nodded and rushed in closing the door behind as Arjun went down. But  soon he heard the door again and ran back frowning.

“Sorry Bava. Pedamma asked for the hot pad for refill”

“Its okay Arjun. I will take from the geyser here. Ask her not to worry. We will be down for breakfast soon”

Arjun just smiled and sauntered down. Jai smiled as he closed the door. It was so nice to see Arjun accepting their relation this soon. Well, he expected nothing less. He saw that Vennela had already gone into the washroom. After freshening himself, he poured the tea into their cups and waited as he heard the washroom door open. He frowned as he saw Vennela coming out frowning herself. She settled on the bed crossing her legs cupping her face looking ahead at nothing deep in thoughts.

He forwarded the tea cup to her startling her. Chuckling he settled beside her.

“Emayindi Vennela?”

“Bava! I am feeling better!”

Jai was taken aback.


Vennela turned to him fully sipping the tea.

“I am feeling better actually.”

Jai frowned.

“It is good right?”

He said giving her the tea cup.

“What good? Not in all these years I felt like this. Something is wrong.”

Jai shook his head.

“You cease to make sense Vennela.”

Vennela pulled her hair keeping the cup aside.

“How to make you understand?”

“Should I call for a translator?”

Vennela glared at him and hit his head. He grunted.

“One day I am going to lose my sanity if you keep hitting like this Vennela.”

“I know you like this. So do not try to act as if you don’t. But Bava! I AM FEELING BETTER. I AM NOT HAVING MY USUAL CRAMPS”

“But I see your mood is still worse!”

Vennela scowled making him chuckle. He put an almond in her mouth.


“Vennela.. If you want we can go and check with doctor.”

“Hmm.. Maybe we should visit Seetha pinni”

Jai shook his head. This girl made everyone her relative. Including the ob gyn in the village.

“What have I been telling all this time?”

“Bava you know nothing. I am going to take shower.”

“Don’t test your new found energy Vennela”

“Sare le Bava!”

Chuckling Vennela went to bathroom taking her change of clothes. Meanwhile Jai took out his change and went into the guest bathroom next door.

Deva looked up from his paper to see Jai and Vennela descending the stairs and frowned.

“Jai? Vennela?”


“Vennela how are you feeling ra?”

“I am fine Mavaiyya.”

“Go and have breakfast!”

“Going Mavaiyya. Did you?”

“I just had ra. Nuvu vellu.”

Vennela went to the dining area leaving father and son in private.

“Leaving somewhere jai?”

“Yes. To Dr. Seetha’s clinic.”

“Emayindi Jai. Vennela..”

“She is fine. Just usual check up.”

Deva looked unconvinced. Jai smiled.

“She is really fine Nana. I know. Even I am shocked.”

Deva and Jai chuckled. But Deva grew serious.

“Careful Jai”

“Will be.”

“Panthulu ni rammannanu Jai. For looking into dates for Arjun and Manasa.”

“Whatever you decide should be fine. You should ask Arjun actually.”

“Of course of course.”


Deva smiled. Jai looked around smiling.


Smiling Jai went to dining area and sat on the chair beside which Vennela was standing. She had served him the dosa and was putting chutney when he looked around. When he found no one, slowly, he let his fingers caress her exposed waist making her gasp and glare at him.

He innocently looked at his plate and tore a piece of dosa and dunked it in the chutney. Putting a piece of Dosa in his mouth he looked up at her to see her glaring at him. He just smiled cutely and she sighed.

“Why are you like this?”

“Like what?”


She was about to turn when he held her arm and pulled her making her sit on him. He made sure he was gentle. She glared at him again as her hands balanced on his chest. He brought a piece of dosa to her mouth and pressed to her lips. She narrowed her eyes at him while he just smiled. Opening her mouth she was about to take the dosa in when she felt his other arm on her waist. Glaring she bit his fingers making him wince. She grinned as she ate. Suddenly they heard someone clearing throat and Vennela got up and stood aside. Jai looked up to see Arjun grinning at them.

“You and your awful timing!”

Jai shook his head stuffing dosa into his mouth as Vennela sat beside and started eating her breakfast.

“My timing is all good only. Your placing is the problem.”

“Arjun! Did you eat?”

“Ledu Vennu. Just came after dropping chinna in school.”

Jai hit his head.


“Its okay ra bava. I will take care. You should take care of the menace  beside you.”

He said as he settled on the other side of Jai. Glaring Vennela threw a spoon at him which he dodged laughing.

“You care for heard Arjun.”

Jai said as he got up and went to wash his hands. Vennela followed him and passed him the towel and went to wash her hands. Jai wiped his hands and passed the towel to her making Vennela raise her brow. He just chuckled shaking his head.

“This is not normal saree you wear at home for me to pull and wipe my hands”

Vennela giggled.


“I am good”

“I know you better.”

Saying she threw the towel on him. Chuckling Jai followed her out where they saw Arjun being fed by their chinna atha, Lalli not minding his protests.

“Atha! Chaalu”

“Enti chaalu? You dont eat properly? Entha sannanga pulla la unnav. You look like stick!”

“Bhaga balisi gumadikaya ka unnadi veedu pullenti? He looks like pumpkin!”

Vennela said and got her ears twisted by Lalli.

“Awww Chinnatha”

“Dont make fun while eating”

“Ilage mepandi vaadini. Keep stuffing him. Padha bava lets go.”


Lalli asked. But Vennela already moved out. Jai shook his head.

“To meet Seetha pinni”

“Emayindi ra?”

“Nothing. Just general”

“Rei Bava.. Nenu rana?”

“No.. Keep eating”

Jai said and went out. He saw Vennela standing near his bike. He frowned.

“Vennela.. Car..”

“No! Lets take this”


“I want some fresh air..”

Jai just smiled. Well who was he to say no when the piece of jaggery is falling itself into his mouth. Normally she would be very irritated these days. But she herself is paving path for him. So he just took it. It was a long way into the town.

Part 20


“AM ante?”

Vennela asked glaring at Arjun. Arjun grinned.

“Maname! Arjun Manasa”



Arjun admonished. Jai glared at him.

“Manasa and Arjun are getting married ani artham Vennela!”

“I know that! But.. He just came home! And he did not even inform chinna mavaiyya properly.”

Vennela frowned. But Jai looked at ARjun and raised his brow.

“Enti Thindi Ramudu.. Will you do the honors?”

Arjun glared at him and Manasa smiled.

“Vennu.. Na Mahathalli! That was a little stunt we pulled on you people to let you know that we are coming. But our actual mission was to get Mavaiyya to know Manasa so that they can talk to her family. And also for Manasa to meet our family”

“Aba cha”

Manasa said and earned the glare from Arjun and Vennela.

“Ippudu cheppu ra Moddhu Ramu. If that was really your intention, you would have come here 2 months back, not gone to Iragavaram. Even last month, sir was found there only.”

Vennela poured heatedly. Jai chuckled. Looks like his wife has decided to make Arjun pay for running away all those years ago.


Manasa called as she saw Arjun standing there with his head down.

“He never knew that he would meet me in Iragavaram two months ago.”

She said making Jai frown and Vennela look at them with wide eyes.

“We met for first time in Venice when I went there to celebrate my graduation from Milan. There we met.. Fighting for a gondola. But then As the gondola man asked us to share and I had no choice, we shared the ride. But we were both in check as I was still recovering..”

Jai’s face lost the smile, which returned as Vennela moved to stand close to him curling his hand around his arm.


“Sorry, just continue Manasa”

Jai said and smiled as Vennela smiled.

“But this fellow.. Kept talking non stop making my ears bleed.”

Arjun glared at her. Jai chuckled.

“I came to know a lot about him. But I never said anything about me. And by coincidence, he was staying very close to the hotel I checked in. Slowly we settled into a routine and those 4 days I enjoyed my life and then we parted our ways.”

Arjun who had his head down, grinned seeing which Jai and vennela understood that this was just one sided story and there was a flip side to it.

“But 2 months back, I saw him in Iragavaram trying to renovate the old house there and that is when I understood that this fellow was Gajapathy mavaiyya’s son.”

Jai and Vennela understood what could have happened later.

“Adanta sare Thindi Ramudu. Why did you never come..”

“2 months back I came and I went back in 4 days. Last month on your birthday only I came back. And you can see I was busy..”

Vennela was about to throw something on him.

“Mahathalli! I am talking about the house. The renovation”


At that moment, Arjun looked at his watch and cursed.

“Enti Arjun?”

Jai asked frowning.

“The architect.. We have a meeting to talk about the house.”

“Who is the architect Arjun?”

Jai asked frowning.

“Mr. Sri Nandha. Yen?”

“He is Architect himself Arjun. Forgot?”

Vennela asked shaking her head.

“Oh! Marchipoyanu Vennu. Now I have to run.”

“Orei.. Eat something and go..”

“Its ok.. I will return after dropping Manasa. Ikkade untanu”

“Good decision thammudu”

She said and giggled getting the desired response of his grunt. After  a lot of questions and answer session Arjun and Manasa were let to go.

Vennela went to change herself when Jai followed her. He picked up her usual saree she used to wear at  home and went about to change himself. As both came after change, Vennela got him coffee for herself and him. Both sat on their room balcony with their foot brushing the other’s. Vennela smiled sipping her coffee as she felt his thumb caress hers. Her foot curled but did not back off. But Jai sat sipping his coffee happily. Suddenly he turned to her keeping his cup aside.

“Why were you so troubling him Vennela?”

“Enni yenlu bava.. Its been years since he left this place with no words to us. I saw how Chinna Mavaiyya and Athaiyya were. Mavaiyya at least knew you and Athaiyya were safe and sound somewhere. But Chinna mavaiyya was really worried as Arjun left and that too when he was freshly wounded by his mother’s death. You know bava, they were really depressed that they lost their very first child. Now Chinna is there. But for them always Arjun has been their first kid. So its high time Arjun gives them the happiness they deserve.”

“Its his decision Vennela. It could not have been easy for him too, to return and say he is back, just like that. He..”

“You are supporting him?”

“Ala kadu Vennela. I am just saying think putting yourself in his place..”

“You were not the one who saw every bloodshed that happened here Bava!”

“Vennela! That was uncalled for”

He said in warning tone.

“Its the truth Bava!”

Jai stood up.

“With my arrival I at least ended the feud.”

“At a great cost! Before that?”

Jai breathed heavily. His eyes went red remembering his mother. He turned around and walked out. Vennela stood her ground. She saw this family go through hell in the past years and she wanted to see them happy. By Jai’s arrival and their marriage though it was accomplished, still Arjun’s return could strengthen it. And just like her pedda Mavaiyya, her chinna mavaiyya also deserved some happiness.

She took their cups and went to kitchen knowing that Jai had taken his bike and has zoomed out in anger. He would have gone to the rocks were she sat waiting for him 11 months ago. Whenever they fight, one of them go there and other used to come tailing along to end the fight.

But not this time.

She thought as she went on cleaning utensils in Kitchen. Her amma held her shoulders.


She asked worried. Vennela understood that her amma has seen Jai leave angrily.

“Yem ledamma.”

Lakshmi shook her head. She knew that her daughter would never let her husband down.

“Vennela. Are you fine?”


She said as she knew what her amma was asking. And just in cue, a slow pain shot from her lower back.


Her mother passed her a hot bag which she kept ready.

“I will send the dinner to your room. And don’t say you dont want. Its absolutely necessary to eat to bear this.”

Lakshmi said pushing Vennela out  of the kitchen. Vennela slowly made way to her room and rushed to the bathroom. She came out and fell on the bed and curled up like a ball placing the hot bag on her lower abdomen.

How she wished her husband to be with her right now? Everytime, he would be with her, lying on her side, caressing her back, trying to take out her pain with his touch. Normally when men would shy away on such time, her husband used to stick to her. She chuckled and then groaned and grunted in pain. Curling up with her hands crossed over her abdomen, she closed her eyes.

Jai entered the house to see everyone sitting in the living room after their dinner. He saw his Babayi and pinni smiling talking animatedly as their hand caressed Arjun and Chinna whos were lying on their lap. This was something new. They were always smiling and looked happy. But today he saw something different in their eyes. He understood what Vennela said.

They deserved their share of happiness. Lakshmi saw him and walked up to him.

“Kopam thagginda?”

She whispered.

“Athaiyya.. Adi..”

“Naaku telusu Jai. Vennela is handful. But.. Right now, I think its better you go to her. And take the dinner too. It is in the hot box.”

That is when he remembered the date of the month. The main reason for his early return from Hyderabad. He took their dinner and rushed to their room to see it all dark. He switched the light on and saw Vennela curled in the middle of the bed. Keeping the dinner on the table nearby, he rushed to her and caressed her hair.


He called slowly. She opened her eyes and immediately was about to sit up.


He helped her and kept a pillow to support her back.

“I am so sorry Vennela.”

He said caressing her back as she lay her head on his shoulder.

“Did you have dinner bava?”

“Come let us have dinner!”

He said instead of directly answering her.

“I don’t want.”

“I dont want to hear such thing. You should eat.”


She burying herself more into him.

“I am hungry Vennela”

And that did the trick. He put the food in the plate and brought to the bed. He took a morsel to her. She shook her head and guided his hand to his mouth. He knew that he could never argue with her in. At least not in this. So he took the food into his mouth. And then he fed her. In silence, that spoke a lot, they finished their dinner. Jai went down to clean the boxes and plates and returned with a glass of milk  and fresh hot bag, to see Vennela coming out of bathroom. Her face was more pale than sometime ago.

“Idigo paalu. And Menthulu”

Vennela smiled. This was the man who brought tablets for her in the early stages of marriage. She chuckled seeing her husband getting used to her village medicines which she preferred than other english ones.

She had the fenugreek seeds and milk to see her husband making the bed more fluffy.

“Padha Vennela.”

He said once the bed was ready and she lay on it. She did not even have the strength to sit as she usually does every night chit chatting with her husband before sleeping or.. Ahem..

He lay beside her and pressed the hot bag to her lower abdomen removing her saree pallu. She hissed.


“It feels ok”

He kept doing it as he lay there with her eyes closed.



“Arjun came back”

“He said he would”

“He was lying there, on Athaiyya’s lap.”

“He used to do that. He was a very restless child. And that was the only way to make him sleep calmly.”

“I understood what you said Vennela. They deserve their happiness that only Arjun could give.”

“I know I went overboard by accusing you Bava. Sorry.”

She said opening her eyes to him. He leaned in and pecked her forehead.

“You are right. I don’t know many of the things that happened around here. Akhiriki amma ni kuda..”


She said holding his cheek not able to take the pain in his voice.

“Its all in the past. It is time we put it behind us.”

“Narakam Vennela. That year without you by my side, with Amma gone, Nana not with me.”

“I am here. You are here. Mavaiyya doesnt blame you. Bava. Nannu choodu”

He looked at her.

“Do you really think I was not there by your side?”

He thought of the moments he spent alone in hyderabad and milan and how everytime he closed his eyes, he felt Vennela smiling at him, calling Bava and how it eased his pain. He smiled.



He said as he took her in his arms. She laid her head on his heart and happily slept off forgetting her pain that ate her up sometime ago. Holding his moonshine, Jai too closed his eyes wondering what had he done to get such a wife in his life.

Part 19


Vennela called halting the running match. Manasa stood behind her. Both had similar stance with their hands on their hips.

Arjun and Jai stopped on their tracks near the balcony on the mezzanine. Vennela forwarded her hand and flexed her fingers for the phone.

Arjun looked at Jai who shook his head in negative earning more glare. At last Arjun gave  in and gave the phone to Vennela earning a glare from Jai as he moved and stood next to Manasa.

“What is in it?”

“Nuvu Aa gym body ni muddhu patukune photo!”

Manasa gasped and stomped his food.

“Do you know how  possessive she is about Jai?”

“Well he should know not to trouble me”

“I think the opposite is  going to happen.”

She said as she looked at Vennela who was staring at the photo. Then slowly she raised her gaze to Jai who stood like a schoolboy caught doing mischief.


JAi glared at Arjun who just shrugged while Manasa stood there stifling her grin as she saw the glint in Vennela’s eyes that Jai and Arjun failed to notice during their glaring Matches.



Jai looked at her. Vennela glared at him just the way she glared before he was introduced to her as her Bava for the very first time.

“What is this?”

She asked waving the phone in front of him.


He said meekly. She scowled.

“Joke eh?”

“Adi Vennela..”

“What are you even wearing Bava?”

She cut him.


Arjun and Jai yelled. Manasa giggled and then then shut her  mouth with her  palms seeing Vennela throw her a scowl. Vennela then turned back to Jai who was still looking at her frowning.

“Enti? What are you wearing?”


“Nee Mokham! Here you wear all formals and buttoned up like good boy, properly  combed hair and  in Iragavaram? Aa Dress enti? Jeansu, Tshirtlu.. Mari aa juttu enti? What have you done to your hair? Ala nilchunnayi enti?”

She asked heatedly showing the picture to him. Jai looked at the picture and then at her.

“Out of everything there, you saw these?”

Vennela gave a small smile looking at his confused state.

“Well, you are smiling like a kid..”


Jai called not able to take this anymore. Manasa stifled her giggle. Jai moved close to Vennela.


He called and leaned in.

“Indifference doesn’t suit you.”

Vennela looked up at Jai.

“I know you want to know about this..”

“Ledu bava.”

She said  smiling at him. He looked at her.

“I don’t actually Bava. Being away from you for almost a year, created a lot of doubts in my mind. And you know we never had much time to show each other.. I mean..”

She stuttered and his smile widened.

“I got insecure. But I know my Bava. I always knew. And after I saw the way that Thindi Ramudu behaves with her, got my head cleared and understood that my insecurity is baseless. Yem Bava?”

Jai smiled more. His wife might be a kid normally but she was mature in her own way. He leaned and placed his forehead on hers. She rubbed her nose with his making him chuckle.

“I might have flirted.”

He said to rile her up. She squinted her eyes but then grinned.

“Ayithe, nenu chesa le..  FLIRT!”

She said in casual tone just like when she said she had 10-15 boyfriends. Jai laughed unminding the throat clearing from the other couple there.

Meanwhile, Arjun moved close to Manasa as they turned away.

“Vennu Raakshasi ayine. How come she is not pulling his hair  by now?”

“You knew her 14 years ago Arjun. And weren’t you cool about the picture yourself?”

“I know you and you honestly told me everything Manasa”

“And Vennela knows too. And whatever insecurities she had would have vanished seeing us last month.”

Arjun put his arm around her and leaned in making Manasa’s cheeks warm up.

“Instead of MS, you should have done psychology”

“That would have been good. You will drive your patients crazy and she can make them sober again. Perfect jodi, and business strategy.”

Vennela said making Jai smile and Manasa giggle.

“Ahh! Just like you and the gym body there?”


Jai said scowling at Arjun laugh.

“Why are you troubling him ra Thindi Rama!”

Vennela admonished Arjun supporting her Bava.

“Oh I am loving this name Thindi Ramudu.”

Arjun scowled at Jai and Manasa as Jai chuckled.

“Asalu ninnu anale moddhu Vennu. Where are our sample designs eh Even manager?”

He asked making her frown. Jai smiled. Manasa grinned as Arjun stood there with his hands on hips.

Bava Maradalu part 2

Vennela was packing her bags happily not minding her mother’s

“thappimchukodaaniki Hyderabad velladam kaakapote nee chadavuki udyogam ente?”

God how she wanted to strangle her mother who always did this to her. She was not interested in studying further. But it does not mean she is a complete wasted case in studies. She did have a degree. Well that was after so much struggle.

But what to do? She was so immersed in this home and she was not interested in sophisticated studies and big big job outside this place that was her world. But who understood her?

At that moment she felt something and turned to see her bava standing there leaning on her room door frame with his hands crossed across his front. She stood like a statue with her one of her langa oni set in her hand.

He moved to her in a slow but steady pace while Vennela stood unmoving. Since her room was close to the garden side of the house and since her room window was open, a very nice pleasant breeze blew. Vennela’s oni she was wearing moved aside for the impact and gave him a view of her waist and navel.

This was his problem. He never looked at women in suggestive manner even while they fell on him wearing all revealing outfit while this one woman managed to drive him crazy even while fully covered. He never thought traditional dress had such perks. A peek at her waist and he always went crazy.

Vennela frowned at the line of his sight and looked down to see her oni that had moved aside revealing her mid. She immediately dropped the set in her hand and tried adjusting her oni when she felt him so close to her. Before she could react, she felt his hand holding her hand from trying to cover herself.


She looked up with her eyes wide.

“This dress is..”

She frowned. Din’t he like..

“So distracting!”


“Hyderabad lo ivi vesukoku! Then I will be fighting and throwing away guys. And I don’t like competition”

Saying he left her hand and moved out but on the way back of his hand brushed her waist letting butterflies flutter inside her. The blood rushed to her face and she blushed to the root of her hair. She stood there smiling still feeling his hand on her mid when her amma came and hit her forehead.

“Battalni kinda vesi ala nilapaddav ente? Why are you standing like this throwing your clothes down?”

Vennela just smiled.

“Nee mental meme barinchaledu. Mari ninnu Hyderabad theesukeltanantunnadu. Papam! We ourselves cannot take your madness and he is taking you with him to Hyderabad. Pity!”

Vennela glared at her mother and started stuffing her clothes inside getting another blast from her mother who packed her clothes neatly.

Then she came down and saw her Naagulu bava and felt pity for him. But.. well.. She had deal with her Bava first. Naagulu was her best buddy here. He will not take it seriously. She just needs to show him that they were not a good match.

She rushed to her Bava’s car and was about to sit when she heard her father.

“Ee mental daani theesukeltunnav.. Yem ibbandhi..”

She growled. Her family.. But she saw her Bava smile. She waved for her family from the passenger seat and settled down on her Bava’s call.

“Seat belt!”

She wore it and saw him looking at her scowling.

“You know to wear seat belt”

“I live in village bava not in hell hole!”

He chuckled. Only Vennela can think like this. He started the car and they crossed the gate.

“I said you not to wear this”

“You said Hyderabad!”

“I am in Hyderabad too”

“You are my bava”

“That makes it worse!”

Vennela’s eyes widened.

“Bava. Oka maata cheppu”

“Oka mata”

She growled. Taking her chances she gave him one smack on his head.

“Hey! I am driving!”

“Me crazy”

“Asking or saying?”


“Ok ok! What  did you want to ask me?”

“Why are you taking me to Hyderabad with you? And Do not give me the lame reasons you gave to Mavaiyya”

Jai took a deep breath.

“I want mom to meet you.”

Vennela scrunched her face.

“Adenti Momu, Bombu ani? Chakkaga Amma anaka?”

He glared at her. Here he was saying something important and this girl. Now he wanted to smack her. But who would bear the consequences. She will eat his brain.


“Why you did not say this reason to Mavaiyya?”

“Nana knows”

“Bava! Why do you always talk like some Jalebi maker?”

“Only you can think of food at this time Vennela. I want Amma to meet you and Nana knows this. But your parents might not support this given they are looking for groom for you. And you staying with me..”

“Sambandhama choostaru naku? They are looking for some NRI thella tholu pandhi who comes with laksha roopaya jeetham and America lo Green card. Kaani naaku ee ooru vadili vellalani ledu!”

“Kani naa tho Hyderabad vastunnav?”

“Nuvvu naa Bava”

“Yeah! That makes a lot of difference”

“Urh! Talking to you is waste. Naaku nidra vastundi. Illu vache mundu lepu. Wake me up. I dont want Atthaiyya to see me with sleepy face for first time. Good night. Happy Driving”

She turned facing outside and closed her eyes making Jai’s jaws drop down. Here he was.. And she was sleeping? That too folding her hands across her front?

Urh! This girl will drive him crazy. But he was happy that he would let his mother know about Vennela. And he knew that Vennela was the only one who could make his mother return back to his father. This was just fringe benefit while the true benefit was for him. He could spend more time with his maradalu without the hinderance of his big jumbo family. And in city who was going to stop them.

Smiling to himself he drove towards his Hyderabad home, where he would discover his true feelings for his maradalu, his crazy Vennela.

Interlude 3: Bava Maradalu part 1


Jai and babayi were on their way back to Renachintala when Babayi suddenly asked him to stop the jeep.

“Nanna! Annaiyya will definitely not like this.”

“What babayi? You expect me to.. When he held Nana’s collar..”

“I know Jai. But Annaiyya never wanted to fight and he definitely will not like this. Its better you stay low for sometime.”

“If they ask for it, then they deserve it babayi”

Saying Jai ignited the jeep and they reached home in sometime. And as expected Deva was waiting for them.

“Where have you been Jai?”

“We went to meet someone he knew of  here”

Babayi covered for him.

“The circumstances are not any better here. Its better if you leave for hyderabad immediately.”

Saying Deva left with Babayi on his tow.

Jai wanted to shout, say no. He had just got to know his father and how much he loved him. And the family who loved him so much that they celebrated every moment of his life even when he was not there with them. How can he leave them and go?

And Vennela? He turned holding his head when he saw her standing there on the mezzanine behind a pillar.


But she vanished into her room even before he could utter her name. Irritated he went to his room too. On his way he stopped at the door of her room and so wanted to bang her door and ask her to come out. But what would he say? What would she think?

Life lo.. For first time he felt his confidence shunning him. Stomping he walked to his room. After changing, he tried sleeping but it had deserted him too. He wandered and paced his room tiring himself to sleep.

He woke up irritatingly because of lack of sleep and whatever he could manage was disturbed by the noise. He sat up and cleared his vision to see Vennela standing there holding the end of her oni and playing with it.

Frowning he concentrated on her face which showed nothing. He scowled.


Oh the way she called him. No one ever had done and no one had this effect on him.

“Tvaraga snanam chesi raa Bava. Amma called for Breakfast. Hyderabad vellali kada?”

Saying she turned and was about to walk away. He did not want that.


He called. She turned and stood there looking at him. She said nothing and he could say nothing. She stood for sometime and seeing nothing coming from him she let her oni go.

“If you want anything.. Well. I will be down. Amma pilistondi Bava”

And she rushed out. Jai wanted to break something.

Vennela straight went to the terrace parapet and stood there not knowing what to do. For a moment she felt that her Bava would say something. But nothing! Last night too when mavaiyya asked him to return back to Hyderabad, he could have said something. But nothing. But could she blame him? No!

The circumstances were really bad here and anything happening to her Bava! She cannot even think of it. He might be the lion tiger and fierce and fiery. But she could not even take the thought of him being  in any danger. Its better that he goes back.

Well.. she will miss him. But his safety is important. Wiping her tears she turned around to see Jai standing there leaning on the terrace door frame looking at her intensely.

“What are you doing here?”

She coughed.



Saying he moved forward. She stood there holding the end of her oni and playing with it. He stood in front of her and took a nice long look at her from her head to toe. She could not help the color spreading on her cheeks.

“Do you have anything except for these langa onis? Nee dagara vere battalu leva?”


She frowned at him.

“You wear these in Hyderabad?”

Her eyes widened, but then she sighed.

“During college days I used to wear Jeans tops and rarely other western wear”

Jai smirked. Vennela frowned.

“Come down!”

Saying he went down. Confused Vennela followed him.

Jai came down and saw his Athaiyya packing all snacks and stuffs for him. Smiling he went to her.

“Naa tho Vennela ni theesukellana?”

She was taken aback.

“What will she do there ra?”

“Well, she is well educated. She can join my office. Just experience.”

“Well educated? Aa thingardi ah?”

Jai turned to see his Mavaiyya. And he chuckled. Then he saw Vennela coming down the stairs holding her oni end and playing with it.

“Well Mavaiyya! What is in education? Pelli ayi.. Putte pillaliki ABC lu 1 2 lu nerpiste chaalu kada? I think Vennela will pass there”

Vennela stood there scowling at him. He chuckled seeing the other confused faces. Then sobered looking at his father who came there.

“Why do you want to take her with you?”

“It would do good for her to learn certain things nana. I heard that you are looking for NRI boy for her.”

“Idi Aata kadu Jai, Aada pilla.”

“I know. I will take care of her. And Amma will also be there”

Deva’s face closed. Jai wanted to bang himself. But this had to be done. He clearly could see his parents’ love for each other and he wanted them together.

“Okay! Be careful. Lakshmi?”

Vennela’s mother nodded. Jai looked at Vennela who gave her this big smile nodding her head.

Part 18

Deva who followed them also stood as if he had been hit by something. He went to his brother and held his shoulders who turned to him with his eyes holding so much emotions.

But Deva smiled and walked him down the steps and took him to the crowd who were all smiling and crying at the same time. Jai and Vennela followed them and saw their family leaving way and Arjun and Manasa came into their line of sight.

Vennela’s eyes widened and she looked at Jai who was looking ahead showing nothing and watched the drama unfolding.

Deva took Adi to Arjun who was getting the love of ladies of the house who were looking at him with teary eyes. As soon as Adi was in front of Arjun, he stood holding his hands to the front and bowed his head down.

Adi remembered how a 10 years old Arjun used to do the same whenever he goofed up something and Adi used to stand glaring at him. But he never had the courage to punish him then neither did he now. He  went  forward and pulled his hands apart and straightened his face making him meet his eyes.

“Ela unnavu Nanna?”

He asked and Arjun could not hold back. He hugged him tight hiding his face in his arms. Adi could not hold back his tears too.

“Sorry Mavaiyya!”

Was all arjun could say. Manasa smiled seeing Arjun for once coming out of his usual chirpy mask.

“Chi chi! Sorry enti asiyanga?”

Adi said chuckling. He saw his wife and smiled.

“Our son is back”

He said pulling out and ruffling Arjun’s hair. She smiled too. But then he frowned at Manasa who was standing there.

“She is..”

Jai and Vennela came forward.

“You are right! She is Siva reddy’s daughter.”

Adi looked at Arjun who looked everywhere and everyone could see his ears  turning red. Adi chuckled.

“After 12 years we see you and you..”


“Enti ra Mavaiyya lavaiyya antu?”

“Mavaiyya.. Remember me telling on my birthday that Iragavaram people are our relatives as well?”

Adi looked at Vennela who grinned showing her eyes to Manasa who smiled. Adi raised his brow at Arjun whose ears turned more pink making Jai chuckle.

“If you are done blushing like bride, do the honors of introducing your fiance to your family Mr. Dondapati.”

Arjun glared at Jai while Adi and other family members were surprised. Manasa smiled and stood beside Arjun. Adi went near Arjun with his eyebrow raised and went around him once. Then standing in front of him he slowly raised his arm and suddenly pulled his ears making him wince.

“Ahh! Mavaiyya!”

“Appude Ammayi kuda padesava?”

“What did I do? Thane naa venta padindi. I just accepted”

Manasa pinched his arms making everyone laugh. Deva came to them and smiled.

“Kamala would be so happy”

“Yes Anna. Akka would be really happy. The sons  of this house have returned at last”

They all went  inside and Arjun looked around the house that hadn’t changed much.

“Enti Thindiramudu? What are you looking at?”

“Searching for your long lost brain!”

He said glaring at Vennela.

“To find her brain you should have some brain which is long lost too I believe?”

Jai came there with a giggling Manasa on tow.

“Hey Gym body!”

“Enti Thindi ramudu?”

Arjun glared at Vennela who shrugged.

“When you give me a name, why will I stay put?”


“From now on learn to respect Mr.! I am your bava!”


“Correct! You should call him Bava Arjun”




He did not know what to do as all three were troubling him. Then he grinned. He took out his mobile and showed something to Jai that made his eyes widen.


“Well.. Vennu..”




Jai made a go for it and Arjun jumped.


And he ran. Jai ran behind him.

“Give that to me!”

“No way!”


“Gym body”


Behind them ran the girls trying to understand what was happening. Soon the place was full of laughter seeing these 4 running around like a bunch of toddlers.

Ore Oar Ooril Song lyrics and Translation

Song: Orey Oar Ooril
Movie: Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion
Singer(s): Mohana, Deepu
Music : M M Keeravani
Lyricist(s): Karky
Starring: Prabhas, Anushka, Rana, Tamannaah
Translation by me as per my knowledge on the language

Nana nana nana nana nana…
Nana nana nana nana nana…
Ore or ooril ore or raaja
Ore or ooril, orae or raaja
In a kingdom, there is a King

Ore oru ooril, ore oru raaja
En kaathil kadhal solluvaana
Will he whisper love in my ears

Orey oar aatril,
Ore or odam
In a River, In a boat,

Thalladum ennai thaanguvaanaa
will he uphold me as I stagger in it?

Vaa endru kattalaiyittaanaa
Muthathil kaivilangittaana
Kaithaaginaal devasena
He orders me to follow
He arrests me with his kisses
oh this Devasena is imprisoned.

Nana nana nana nana nana…
Nana nana nana nana nana…

Than porkalamai
En maarbil eri poridum
Mei veeranaa
The true warrior who makes 
a warfield out of my chest
Endhan kodayai mel eri
Naattava moganaa
Shall I place my flag on you oh my attractive woman?

Vaalin munaiyil
Engengoa mutham
Vaithidum arakkanaa
The demon who kisses me everywhere,
with the tip of his sword
Vaayin munayil maayangal
Kaattavaa kaaminaa
Shall I show magics in the corner of your lips
oh my desirable woman?

Ohoooohooo ohoooohooo
Egaantha kaalam maatrinaaanaa
Oh he did change the times of loneliness

Ohoooohooo ohoooohooo
Thee pol en meedhu patrinaaanaa
Theekolamaai devasena
He caught on to me like a fire
And Devasena burns in that fire of desire

Nana nana nana nana nana…
Nana nana nana nana nana..

Orey or ooril ore or raaja
Orey oar ooril ore oar raaja
Ore oru ooril ore oru raaja
En kaathil kadhal solluvaana

Ore or aatril
Ore or odam
Thalladum ennai thaanguvaanaa
En  Nenjil Ambu eigirana
He aims his arrow to my heart
Kann indri Naanum Selgirena
And I follow him blindly unquestioned

Pechindriye devasena

And Devasena is speechless


Mirchi Interlude 2: Oka Chance Isthava?

Vennela stood in front of the mirror looking at all the makeup torture her family has put her through for the monkey fellow from US. She heard the monkey say,

“Its okay, she will learn to adjust. I will make sure she is comfortable”

Who was he to change her? But she did not know what to do! They have completely closed every way for her to escape. And her Mavaiyya this time personally asked her not to mess this up for her parents who are anxious to get her married. She remembered the conversation.

“Vennela? What is wrong amma? Do you like someone?”

But what can she tell him when her Athaiyya did not reply neither did her bava. So she just stood there.

“If the boy is ready, we can approach him now. For us, your happiness is important. Your parents are really worried with each rejection.”

Was bava ready? Did he reciprocate her feeling? She did not know. May be she knew but wanted him to come out clear.

“Come downstairs Vennela. Let this get over. Idi Pelli choopulu matrame. Pelli kadu. So don’t worry”

He said and moved out. Vennela got a little courage. Her mavaiyya has always been like a pillar supporting everyone in this family. Mainly her.

Everything went on smoothly. The guy really liked her it seems. She was made to look demure, shy while she was not. She was to move to US with him, adjust to his habits, his routine.. Blah blah blah.

But all her concentration was one person who cared less about everything here. As she kept looking at her phone for any kind of response, she saw him entering. She kept looking at him. So did he.

She saw her father nearing her. But she had eyes only for one man. She heard her father saying that the guy would change her, take her to US and she would be happy. But nothing reached her as her eyes held her Bava’s in question.

“I cannot think anyone else as my life partner. Could you?”

But his were devoid of any emotion. But suddenly his voice shook her.

“Pedda inti sambandhamo America sambandhamo ayithe thanu santhosanga undathu mavaiyya. She will not be happy in wealthy place or any America.”

She frowned at him. What is he saying?

“Thanu eppudu navvuthu unde la chooskune vaadu untene thanu santhosanga untundi. She will be happy only with a person who could always keep her smiling.”

She did not know what she felt at that moment. But she felt light. Till now she had a doubt. But now it was clear as water. All those moments in Hyderabad were not just hers, but his too. She looked into his eyes.

“Ekkado dooranga unde prapanchaniki pampiste thanu navvutu brathikedi mavaiyya. Thana lo unde andamayina prapanchani preminche vaadu dorikitene thanu sontosanga untundi. If you send her to a different world afar, she will smile and live. But she will be genuinely happy only if she gets a person as a life partner who could love her beautiful world.”

She always knew her Bava was very intense person. But this? How accurately he had noticed her. This was her world. This place, her family and her Mavaiyya who cared for her more than her parents. She knew that he was standing there watching the drama unfold. And she knew that he would be happy with this because she was so sure that he would not want to lose his son whom he just got back and also not to lose her whom he has loved as his own daughter.

Then she heard her bava.

“Maarchuvadaniki thanu lopam kadu mavaiyya, Adbutham. Aa Adbuthani prathi kshanam aanandisthu preminche vaadu dorikitene thanu santosanga untundi. She is not a bad habit to be changed. She is a miracle. She would be happy only if she has a person in her life who would happily  love and cherish for the Miracle she is”

She could not control her tears. Never once, no one has said something like this to her. She was not a person to take compliments. She was this crazy mad girl, who did all crazy stuff and always got scoldings from her parents. But it was her mavaiyya who understood her and would always make her feel special in the little time he could get as he was always busy. But she never thought the day would come when a person who could love her so much would stand in front of her when she was at the verge of losing hopes. She smiled. Her Bava smiled too. A smile that only she understood and saw unlike others.

She heard her mother.

“She is our daughter, our family so we can always have high hopes for her. But in today’s time from where do we find a person who would understand this and bear her?”

She so wanted to kill her mother. She had to go and spoil the moment for her. Why should anyone bear her? She was not a burden to bear.

But then she saw her Bava walking to her. Her eyes brimmed already.

“Oka chance isthava? Jeevithantam ikada patukoni cheesukuntanu. Will you give me one chance? I will look after you for a lifetime, keeping you here”

He said gesturing to his heart. She remembered saying the same thing to him just playfully. She at that time thought why couldn’t she be that girl? And today her thought, her dream was coming to true. Her words failed her. Her eyes brimmed more blurring her vision. And all she could do was utter a


And go into the arms of her bava who loved her so much. Much more than she could imagine or others could understand.

She felt his arm go around her and she burrowed more into him. She felt him leaning in.

“Bharinchadaniki nuvu bharuvu Kadu Vennela. Nuvu Vennela. You are not a burden to bear. But you are Vennela, moonshine.”

He stated very casually. She sobbed. At that moment, she felt her mavaiyya coming and standing behind her. She broke out and was about to move out when her bava made her stand in his hold letting his arm go around her shoulder while his other hand was casually tucked in his pant pocket.

She smiled at her mavaiyya as her tears flowed. She could see his smile. He held her bava’s shoulders in a tight grip letting his emotions to be seen through actions as she was sure that words have failed for him too.


Was all he said before he took bava in his arms in a tight hug. Today their relation saw another dimension. She saw her mavaiyya calling her and she went  close to them. He opened one of his arm from around her bava and wiped her tears. Sobbing she too went into his arms making her bava chuckle.

They broke out and her mavaiyya went on to his sister, her mother.

“Lakshmi! Naa koduku ki, nee koothuruni..”


Her mother smiled. Everyone were happy. She felt her bava’s arm going around her shoulder. She looked up at him.

“Amma nana dagariki ravalante, idi okate maargam. Mana pelli. Ippudike chala late ayindi bangaaram. For amma to come back to Nana, this is the only way, our marriage. Its already too late bangaaram.”

She scowled. Did he just.. She glared at him seeing him grin. Coming out of his hold, she gave him one hit behind his head making him chuckle and take her in his arms. She too smiled and she felt home in his arms.

Kanna Nee Thoongada lyrics translation

Song: Kannaa Nee Thoongada
Movie: Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion
Singer(s): Nayane Nair
Music : M M Keeravani
Lyricist(s): Karky
Translations: By me as per my knowledge on the language

Muraithaanaa mugundhaa
Saridhaanna sanandhaa

Muraidhaana mugundhaa
Saridhanna sanandhaa
Muraidhaana mugundha
Saridhaanna sanandhaa
Is it correct oh Mukunda?
What you are doing is correct oh Sanandha?
(Mukunda and Sanandha are other names of Lord Krishna)

Poovayar meedhu Kan meyvadhu muraiya
Paavai en nenjam Dhinam theigindra pirayaa
Poathume nee konjam Thuyil kolladaa
Is it right for your gaze to be all over the gopikas?
(Poovayar here are gopikas)
My heart is going on wearing off like a crescent moon
Its all enough, please sleep

Kannaa nee thoongada En kannaa nee thoongada
Sleep oh Kanna, Please sleep my Kanna
Un viralinil malai Sumanthadhu podhume
enough of lifting the mountain with your finger

Kanna nee thungada En kanna nee thungada
Sleep oh Kanna, Please sleep my Kanna

Un ithazhinil kuzhal Isaithathu pothume
Enough of playing flute with your lips
Kannaa nee thoongadaa En kannaa nee thoongadaa
Sleep oh Kanna, Please sleep my Kanna

Kannaa nee thoongada En kannaa nee thoongada
Sleep oh Kanna, Please sleep my Kanna

Kobiyar kulikkayile Udaigal thirudi kalaithai
You would have become tired stealing
the dresses of Gopikas as they bathed
Oyvedu maayavane
Please rest oh the trickster
(Maayavan is the name of Lord Krishna in Tamil)

Paanayil vennaiyinai Dhinamum thirudi ilaithai
You have worn out as you steal butter from pots daily
Thoongidu thooyavane
Sleep oh pure one
Saamanaa, moganaa
Names of lord Krishna

Pothum kannaa
Its enough Kanna
Nee seyyum thiruttu
Of all your stealings
Vaanam engum Suzhndhathu iruttu
The sky has become dark
Maarbil saaindhu Kan moodadaa
close your eyes and sleep leaning on my chest

Kannaa nee thoongadaa
En kannaa nee thoongadaa
Kannaa nee thoongadaa
En kannaa nee thoongadaa

Soolaiyin naduvinela Nuzhalainthan Alaindhan
I went all around the garden
Naan unatharuginile
But got lost beside you
Kaanagam naduvinele Mayangi Kirangi kidanthen
Naan unadhazhaginile
In the middle of the forest, I stand here lost in your beauty

Maadhavaa, yaadhavaa
Leelai seidhi ennai nee kavzhilka
As you try to impress me with all your tricks
Paalai moodhi unnaium kavzhilka
The bull hit and threw you 
Kaayam ennal kondiyadaa
Oh you are hurt because of me

Kannaa nee thoongada
En kannaa nee thoongada
Kannaa nee thoongada
En kannaa nee thoongada

Muraithaanaa mugundhaa
Saridhaanna sanandhaa

Muraidhaana mugundhaa
Saridhanna sanandhaa
Muraidhaana mugundha
Saridhaanna sanandhaa

Madana madhusoodhana
Manahoaraa manimohana
Madana madhusoodhana
Manahoaraa manimohana

Muraidhaanaa muguntha
Sarithana sananthaa
Aananda anirudhaa
Aananda anirudhaa
Kanna kanna kannaa
Krishna radhaa ramanaa
Krishnaa, kanna nee thoongada

Part 17


Vennela came home from the office and ran inside. Her mother hit her forehead.

“Osey! Calm down! Last time you rushed and got your ankle twisted for weeks.”

But Vennela just gave her and smile and ran upstairs. Dropping her things on the table there, she ran in only to go into the arms of her Bava.

Jai who was inside their room smiled as he heard the anklets and stood on the threshold knowing his tornado will come in any moment. Not wanting a mishap like last time, he stood ready.

Chuckling he captured his running bundle in his arms. His arms went around her waist pulling her into him and while her arms effortlessly went around his neck given he was so tall. He smiled as he felt Vennela’s breath near his neck. Cupping her face Jai held her face to meet his eyes. His eyes held the intensity which reflected in hers. It has been 4 days since he saw them. Not holding back anymore, he delved and captured her lips.

Her lashes lowered as his eyes closed savoring the moment. Her hands went into his hair holding them in her fist. She fit his frame perfectly as he brought her more close to him snaking his one arm around her waist while the other kept caressing her cheek.

But then  suddenly he chuckled breaking the moment. Opening her eyes, Vennela frowned.

“Emayindi Bava?”

She asked. He just looked into her eyes smirking.

“Ammayi kuda first floor lo untene annitiki bagundi.”

He said and waited smirking. And came the reaction as Vennela scowled at him and hit him on his chest. But she also giggled remembering her little feat in their earlier days enquiring  about his dream girl.


She admonished and he chuckled. He fell on the bed taking her with him and made her lay on him. She folded her arms over his chest and looked at him.

“Enti Bava?  4 days Hyderabad lo enjoyed eh?”

She asked raising her brows. He gave her a thoughtful expression.

“Hmm. Yeah!”

He said making her scowl. She swatted him and he chuckled letting his arm go around her while his other arm went beneath his head.

“I did enjoy without your anklets noise disturbing me every morning, without your hits, without your Bava gola!”

Vennela scowled but she also melted as she saw his eyes. His eyes showed her how much he missed her.

“Ayithe nenu kuda enjoy  chesa le!”

Jai glared at her but chuckled looking at her raising her brow.

“Chala late ayindi bangaaram. I am so hungry”

He said. Frowning she looked up at him and seeing the mischief twinkling in his eyes, she scowled at him and was about to hit him but he just pushed her more on to him. Giggling she laid her head on his heart.

At that moment they heard.

“Pellayi padhi nelalu ayina, dheeni mental matram thaggaledu. Her craziness has not gone down even after being married for 10 months”

Vennela so wanted to kill her mother. How many times she has clarified that she was not crazy but highly intelligent.

“Only I know how intelligent you are Vennela”

He said as if he heard her thoughts. She looked at him. Tucking her fringe behind her ear he smiled.


“So intelligent that you could not even understand that I was giving you the opposite answers when you asked me about my dream girl”

Scowling she hit on his chest and got up angrily. She went to the stand and collected her things when Jai’s eyes fell on one particular design. He took that and frowned.

“Vennela? Ee AM?”

She snatched the design from him.

“Even I don’t know. Just that a couple have approached us asking for samples and gave only their initials.”

“Vennela you should not take contracts without proper enquiry”

“Naaku aa matram chaduvu untena!”

She glared.

“Thintava chaduvuni? Putte biddalaki ABC lu one two lu nerpiste chaalu”

He  grinned and Vennela could not help but chuckle.

Suddenly the commotion downstairs got silent. Frowning both went down to see what was the matter. But no one was to be seen in the living room. Frowning both went outside to find everyone while Adi Babayi stood like stone.