Part 33


“Vennela.. ready?”

Vennela pinned her saree and checked her braid.

“Ready bava”

Saying she came down and saw Jai waiting near the stairs. She looked around the place and called for one of her assistants.


A pretty looking young girl came to her.

“Enti madam?”

Vennela scrunched her face at the girl.

“Madam enti? Who madam?”

Instead of getting scared Radha chuckled.

“Sorry vadina!”

Vennela smiled and Jai shook his head. Radha was an orphan from Hyderabad whom Jai and Latha helped to study. And Vennela took to her immediately. They became thick as thieves. Jai just liked how they bonded until they did not conspire against him.

“Radha.. Get all the decor ready. Its just 4 days to the wedding.”

“I know Vadina. Today is Kuladevatha Puja and pongali. Tomorrow is pelli kuthu pelli koduku cheyadam. Then we have Nishchaya Janavasam. Then wedding.”

“Thelava bhaaga.”

Vennela praised.

“Yes. Now I think you should be going to your first monthly check up.”

“Now you are talking.”

Jai said.

“Shut up both of you.”

Vennela said and pulled Jai out.

“Bava bava. Bike lo veldam.”


Both turned to see the source of chorus and found Deva, Srinivasalu and Arjun.

“All men against me?”

Vennela glared at them.

“No bike rides for sometime!”

Deva said sternly.

“Car unte car lo vellaka ee bike gola ente?”

Vennela’s father admonished.

“Vennu! It is not good! Get inside the car”

Arjun said. Vennela turned to Jai.

“You heard them.”

Jai shrugged. Vennela grunted.


And Arjun laughed followed by Deva who tried stifling his chuckle. Srinivasalu just looked around, glared at Vennela and left the place hitting his head. Vennela bit her tongue.

“Vennu.. Bava doesnt know right?”


She said feebly and went to sit inside the car followed by a very confused Jai who ignited it and gassed it out. After going a little far, he turned and saw that she was drinking water.



She said trying to gulp the water down.

“What is in the SPEAKING?”

And Vennela went on coughing spree as water went down her throat the wrong way. Jai stopped the car and tapped her head and caressed her back trying to calm her. Vennela took deep breaths as Jai wiped her face with his hanky.

“Are you okay?”

Vennela turned to him narrowing her eyes. He frowned. And


“Osi nee! Why smack me now? I asked if you were fine”

“Why ask that question now? When I was drinking water?”

“Sorry. I did not know it was offensive”

“Offensive ah aavakaya? Start the car and take me to Seetha pinni without asking stupid questions”

Seeing her red face, Jai understood that he has tickled a sleeping dragon. So silently navigated the car in the direction of the clinic.

Seetha smiled at Jai as she came out of examination room as Vennela followed adjusting her saree distracting him to the core.


It took a strong call to get him out of the trance.

“Ahh.. Doctor!”

“Enti Jai.. Still in dreamworld?”

“No no doctor. How is she?”

“She is good. So is your baby. Scan reports will come in an hour. I will send it to home. Or Arjun will come here. I will send through him.”

“Arjun is very serious about the hospital”

“So is your father. Arjun is just bringing your family’s dream true. This clinic is being shifted soon to Arjun’s mother’s home that is being renovated.”

“I know and his father’s place is becoming a school in Iragavaram.”

“Yeah. Anyways. Vennela is fine. The baby looks healthy. But she needs to eat healthy food to gain strength. I already told you that her uterus needs the extra strength.”

Jai took a deep breath as he felt Vennela’s hand holding his tightly.

“Any complications?”

Seetha smiled.

“Ledu Jai. Its perfectly normal. She just needs to get strong. No complications.”

Jai smiled as he held Vennela’s hand back.

“I am giving her vitamins. Her mother knows the diet. And we need to look into her cravings also. Sour things are okay. But not too much. Jaggery eating should be under control and you can eat them after 2 months. Vennela cheptunnadi neeke”

Seetha said sternly  at a sadly pouting Vennela making Jai chuckle.

“Jai, You should be careful around this goofball.”

“I will.”

They were about to get up when Jai saw Seetha looking around. He frowned as she looked at Vennela.

“Next month nunchi, controlled speaking allowed. Not too much. Understand?”

Vennela’s cheeks took to a heavy shade of red as she nodded and pulled Jai out who came out with prescription in his hand. Near the car, he stood scratching his head.



And the dragon again. So Jai silently started the car. Once they were near the rocks, Vennela asked him to stop the car.

“Vennela.. This breeze is not good for you.”

“Its okay. I am going to stand here for sometime.”

Without a choice.. He followed her. After few moments of silence.

“Why were you scratching your head there in the clinic Bava?”

Jai looked at her frowning.

“Speaking speaking enti?”

He asked the one question that kept bugging him for quite some time now. Biting her lips she tried stifling her smile.

“Speaking ante.. Come here..”

Jai gave a confused look.

“Come here ah?”

Vennela smacked on his head.

“Come here. Gimme your ear.”


Jai went with his ear close to her mouth.

“Speaking ante.. Ahem.. Manam kalavadam.. You know.. Night lo..”

“What the”

He yelled


Vennela scowled and looked around. Jai looked around too.


He asked widening his eyes. Vennela nodded her head and looked down. Jai chuckled as he saw how red her face was. His ears weren’t any better either.

“So, no speaking ante?”

“Night time adventure bhandh”


“That is what doctor says.”

Smirking, Jai went close to her.

“What do you say maradalu?”

“I say, our adventure is ours Bava.”

Jai laughed as she his her face in his shirt. He pulled her more into him. Life was good.

Part 32

“Amma! Where are the gobbari kaayalu?”

Vennela asked as she came to the hall with a tray of flowers. Lakshmi came there and placed a plate full of coconuts that were dipped in turmeric.

“They are here now Vennu”

“Good. Where are the Thamboolam plate?”

“That is in Deva Annaiya’s room. He will bring it.”

“Ahh seri.. I will go and see the decor outside.”

Saying Vennela turned fast and felt giddy and stopped on her tracks. Next moment she was held by her mother and from where she did not know, Arjun and Jai were by her side.

“Vennu, you are not supposed to turn suddenly like that nanna.. First 3 months will be giddy, queasy and irritating. Here.. sit down and drink this water.”

Lakshmi said handing her the glass of water Jai brought for her. As Vennela drank from the glass, Lakshmi wiped her forehead with her saree pallu. Vennela looked up at her mother with tears in her eyes.


“Ente.. Kaneerlu enti asaiyanga? Why are you crying?”

“Did you ever do like this to me before?”

Vennela said wiping her tears away. Lakshmi looked at Jai sighing. Jai smiled and signalled her to move out and he will take care.

“Vennu.. Did you take your vitamins?”

“Rei po ra! Go and get ready. I don’t want you coming down with your shorts forgetting your Panche. Got it?”

She said between her cries. Jai chuckled.

“Vella ra! Go and get ready.”

Arjun went from there glaring at his bava but went to his room chuckled as he saw the panche and kurta Vennela got for him. She remembered that he liked to get married in traditional wear than any white pants in modern ways.


Jai called her as she was about to move out wiping her tears. Jai understood that her emotions were bonkers. He moved out along with her to the backyard of the house and saw her standing near the haystack with her back to him.



“Yenduku ippudu aa yedupu? Why crying now?”

“See bava, everyone are at my beck and call now only because I am..”

Jai held her and turned her to face him. He smiled raising her face with his finger under her chin.

“Vennela.. You are the one who was always a part of this family. Not me. So you know them better. You were the string that held this family together Vennela from whatever little I saw. You took care of everyone. When Mavaiyya came home after going to other villages about the inspection, you were there to welcome him and give him food however late he came home. Nana ki choosi choosi mari anni chesav. You took care of him. Your mother could relax only because she knew you were there to take care. But now its the other way round. Its your turn to be pampered by them. Sometimes we don’t even know what responsibility we are shouldering until we fall short. Enjoy this pampering Vennela.”

Vennela looked at him with her eyes wide. And seeing that he has finished she took a deep breath.

“Bava.. has anyone told you that you talk too much?”

Jai looked taken aback.


“Entha pedda monologue! Wasted my time. I should be arranging for Manasa’s arrival.”

“Seriously Vennela?”


“You were crying saying no one loved you before and now..”

“Oh please! Go and do your work I gave. Welcome Manasa’s family. Its their Nishchayam today.”

“Oh yeah.. I thought it was Gandhi jayanti”

Vennela gave him a hard smack on his head.


Laughing Jai went to bring his father down as he saw Naagireddy’s cars coming. Deva happily welcomed them. Jai smiled at Uma who returned the smile. Then Jai saw Shiva Reddy and Shanti, Manasa’s parents.

“Bagunnara sir?”

Shiva reddy smiled at Jai.

“Bagunnam Magada.”

“You got him going again Jai..”

Shanti said smiling at him.

“Pedda matalu vaddandi.”

Jai said.

“We wanted a boy like you for Manasa so that she will be away from all the chaos Jai.”

“Arjun is even better than me Pinni garu. Randi”

Jai said and moved inside.

“Pratap garu”

He chuckled looking at the short man standing with all the other henchmen. Poorna chuckled.

“He is not leaving this place Jai.”

“I will if you let me”

“I will also come with you Annaiya garu. So that you can get your Maradalu Moulika engaged to me.”

“Nee… thagaleya”

Pratap gritted his teeth. Jai and Poorna laughed.

“Once Manasa is married. Next we will get you married Poorna. There is no hurry.”

“I know. Padha jai. Lets go inside.”

“Randi Pratap garu.”
Everyone entered the house that was decorated grandly. Jai saw Vennela standing with Manasa smiling and laughing. Jai went to Vennela and stood beside her. Vennela narrowed her eyes.


Jai asked.



“Yewww.. NO!”

“Ginger ale?”


Vennela said to Jai who chuckled. Manasa laughed.

“Mood swings already?”

“Whatever.. I am going to see if that thindi ramudu is ready?”

“You are going nowhere Vennela. Stay here. I will bring him down”

“Bring his Panche and shirt too.. We have to give them to Manasa parents which they will return to Arjun.”

“You know I understand nothing right?”

“I know. Just keep doing what I say.”

“I am doing that always.”

“Stop irritating me and get Arjun, Panthulu is going to write the Lagna pathrika.”

Pulling her cheeks once, making Manasa laugh, Jai went up to Arjun’s room. There Arjun was being pampered by Lalli.

“Arjun! Coffee?”

“Vaddu athaiyya.”

“Edayina thinu ra. Eat something.”

“ I will eat Athaiyya.. After the Nischayam I will..”

“Pinni! Seriously? This thindi Ramudu is not eating?”

“Shut up ra Bava!”

“Coming ra.. Athaiyya.. Where is mavaiyya?”

“He is down, glamouring himself up.. After all he is going to be in law now.”

Jai and Arjun laughed along with Lalli.

Down, with the acceptance of both families, it was decided that Arjun Manasa wedding will take place in a month time. The plates were exchanged between Deva and Naagireddy.

“Manasa! A MONTH?”

“Stop being a dramaqueen.”

“After his return, Bava got married in a week”

“You are not Jai and I am not vennela either. So wait for a month!”

Manasa said sternly making everyone laugh.

“Arjun! Tough ra!”

Jai said chuckling. Arjun scowled.

“Bava! Don’t irritate my brother.”

“Ala cheppu Vennu.”

“Manasa will take care of that Bava”

Vennela finished making Arjun growl and others laugh. Soon everyone were up for lunch which was a noisy affair with youngsters pulling each others legs and elders enjoying the laughs after years of crying.

“Vennela. Go, change and rest for sometime. Me and Lalli will finish up.”

Vennela was thanks as she moved to her room and pulled down her pallu. At that moment Jai came from the Balcony and stood transfixed looking at the reflection of his wife in the mirror. She was the same. But she looked different. Jai slowly walked to her. Holding her from behind, he looked at the picture they made in the mirror.


“Enti Bava?”

“Do you know, after langa oni, Sarees are something that always irritated me”

Vennela scowled.

“Control thapputundi Vennela. Can’t keep my hands to myself you know?”

He said as his hands travelled to her exposed waist. Vennela chuckled.

“I will wear capris and shirts..”

“Still I will be uncontrollable.”

“Then the dress isn’t the problem. You are..”

Jai smiled resting his hands on her tummy.

“No.. YOU are. Because you see.. You make my control go out the window.”

Vennela giggled and pushed him turning.

“I know where you are heading to. But NO SPEAKING.. Sorry bava.”

She laughed at his clueless expression.

“I am going to rest.. I am tired.”

“Wait.. I am coming tooo”

Saying Jai followed Vennela to the bed and both fell on the bed chuckling.

“Tired for engagement. What about wedding.”

“We will see it later. For now.. I am tired. You are tired. So..”

He pulled her on him and she rested her head on his heart smiling as his heartbeat lulled her to slumber. Jai smiled closing his eyes thinking about his wife, who was sleeping with her head on his heart.

Part 31

Jai was searching for Vennela since it was already night. It was Arjuna Manasa’s engagement in 2 days. Last 2 weeks have been crazy with all the shopping and getting things done. More than that, for Jai it was Vennela who has been driving him crazy. She kept throwing up, nothing stayed in her stomach making him miserable to see her that way. But past week her morning sickness had mellowed down and something else was going on with her which made him see grey everywhere.


He called for her after not finding her in the kitchen.


He called for her mother.

“Enti Jai?”

She asked smiling.

“Where is Vennela?”

Lakshmi frowned.

“Last I saw, she was in kitchen..”

“Akkada ledu”

“Did you check in the mezzanine terrace?”

Jai looked at her for a moment, and then ran to the terrace and found her standing near the Parapet. Jai sighed in relief.

“Vennela! I have been searching for you.”

Saying he turned her to face him, only for her to hug him tight and wail loudly. Never once in his life he wanted to see this of her. The last time he saw her crying this bad was when his father asked him to leave the village after disowning him.

So why was she crying now?

“Vennla? What happened?”

But she only cried more. Caressing her back, he slowly lifted her face of his chest and made her look at him. Wiping her tears, he held her face.

“Emayindi Vennela? Why are you..”

“Amma nannu thittindi Bava. Amma scolded me.”

It took sometime for Jai to process this. Then he did the one thing he shouldn’t have. He chuckled which made Vennela angry.

“You are laughing!”

Jai immediately controlled himself and looked at her.

“You were crying for that?”


She said in a warning tone. Jai looked at her and smiled.

“When is Athaiyya not scolding you?”

“She is always scolding!”

“Then? What did you do?”

“I climbed on the kitchen slab to get Bellam”

Jai chuckled.

“Vennela.. She is worried for you ra.. So only she scolded you. You should be careful kada?”

“But I am careful.  And I want Bellam!”

Jai wiped her tears.

“Athaiyya said right.. Jaggery is not good for you now ani..”

“Avunu.. But I want to..”

“I know Vennela. If you want, ask me.. I will get you.. But not at the cost of your health okay?”

Jai smiled. His wife, could be a child at times.


“Good. Never cry like that again. Nuvu ala.. I can’t see”

Vennela just smiled and hugged him tight.

“Bava sorry”

“Cha.. sorry enti.. Now come on! You got to take your medicines and sleep.”

“Bava! Nidra ravadam ledu”

“You will in some time. Pada”

Both went to their room. Jai gave her to vitamins which she swallowed pouting. Chuckling Jai settled beside her and pulled her onto him and caressed her hair.



“Are you happy?”

“About what?”

“Everything.. Marriage, then me postponing family, business, now the baby..”

Vennela looked up and pulled his mustache.

“Ahh! Vennela”

“Bava.. I am so happy.. You don’t have to second guess at all.”

“I have to..”


“First I thought I can manage two kids.. But today.. I think I need help.. Where can I get a nanny for you? Manasa paapam. Can’t handle you. Arjun and you.. Are worst when together. Athiayya cannot manage.. AAAAHHH”

He stopped feeling a very bad bite on his cheek.

“Enduku korikavu?”

“Don’t patronize me! Else I will bite on your other cheek too! Now tap me. I feel sleepy”

Jai chuckled and tapped and caressed her hair as she happily slept off with her head on his chest.

Part 30



Vennela frowned not taking her head out from her husband’s heart. But Jai pulled apart.

“Nana is calling Vennela”

“I know. Seetha Pinni would have told him.”

“I dont think so. His tone is tensed.”

“Alaga? You never care for my tone!”

She said frowning at him pulling apart making Jai chuckle.

“Your tone is always admonishing.. Or purring.. So I don’t think I need to care for it much.”

She smacked him making him chuckle.

“Come on Vennela. Nana pilistunnaru. Let us go before he makes a ruckus.”

Vennela agreed and both moved out.

“Jai! What was Seetha saying about? What was in the report?”

“Adi.. Nana..”

Jai stuttered not knowing how to open the news. Jai looked at Vennela who slightly  moved behind him hiding herself.

“Seriously? You hide now? You are shy? NOW?”

He muttered to her. She just gave him a push making him groan. Hearing a snicker he looked up and saw Arjun standing there leaning on a wall. Beside him stood Manasa who was leaning on him.

Jai saw expectant faces of his Athaiyyas and confused face of his Father, Mavaiyyas, Babayi and Manasa’s family who had come to fix the date for Arjun Manasa Marriage.


Deva’s urged.


“What was Seetha talking about? Last time you went to her, you spoke about a surgery.. Now she says something.. Telling me to ask you. And you are standing there.. Ears pink.. Nose red.. And Vennela hides behind you.. WHAT IS THE MATTER? WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER!”

“And here I thought Vennela was Sreenu Pedanana’s and Lakshmi Pedamma’s daughter.”

“She is my daughter. Don’t doubt that. But she fancies Bava more.”

Srinivasalu and Lakshmi glared at Arjun.

“Oh come on Athaiyya! Can’t you see?”

Manasa giggled as Arjun tried hiding his smile.


Lakshmi frowned. By this moment, Jai went close to Deva and whispered something in his ears. Deva smiled and looked at Jai who stood looking down like a shy bride. Then he looked at Vennela who smiled. Deva’s eyes welled.

“This is real right? Not some dream?”

Jai shook his head.


Said Vennela feebly. Next moment, Jai was engulfed by deva in his arms.

“I am so happy. I think you are too..?”

“I am Nana. I am!”

Jai said as both men smiled. Lakshmi’s face slowly took on the glow as she saw her daughter’s face.


Vennela looked up and nodded her head. Lalli and Lakshmi were so happy that they surrounded her in a moment while the men still stood dumb.

“Bava? What is happening?”

At that moment, Naagulu came with the response.

“What else will happen that could make a married couple happy? Bad wife’s leaving and Good wife’s pregnancy. What say Thammudu?”

He asked Jai.

“Nalla Nagulu bava! When did you become so smart?”

“If only you knew Vennu!”

“Yeah! If only I knew!”

“I would be standing in his place now right?”

He asked pointing to Jai.

“May be”

Said Vennela forgetting her new found shyness.

“Hello! I am your husband.”

“Poor husband”

Said Arjun irritating him further.

“Manasa! For once take my word. Leave him this moment and marry a guy of your family’s choice!”

“Rei bava! You have a family now.. Why try breaking mine even before I can have one?”

“Better stay quiet then!”


Jai just shrugged.

“Stop you both! Today is day of celebrations. Actually From today. 2 weeks later, comes the day when I join this family completely. So stop bickering like school kids. Athaiyya, get sweets!”

“Ahh! The voice of wisdom. The only one after mine”

Deva said pulling the legs of the kids. Aditya looked happy seeing his brother letting go everything and joking around. It has taken him 26 years to see him like this.


Vennela protested as she was hoisted in the air and taken to their room among all the chuckles and giggles and snickerings. It was late and after all the works, it was too late and Vennela was not taking the name of resting.

“You need rest!”

“I am pregnant! Not ill!”


And he got a smack as he placed her on the bed.

“Smack me, kick me, bite me. I don’t care. You are doing what Doctor said.”

“Which I am doing. I am enjoying.”

“And resting!”

Vennela grunted. Her husband was stubborn as mule. He settled beside her after changing. Vennela took the gap to change herself in the room while he took the bathroom.

Both settled on the bed and Jai made her lie on him with her head nestled on his heart. He kept caressing her smiling.


“Enti Vennela?”

“In span of few days.. Things just happened..”

“It sure did.”



“How are you feeling about it?”

“About what?”

“The happening?”

“Oh! Its good that Arjun and Manasa found each other.. Can’t wait for the marriage.”

He said. Growling Vennela gave him a strong smack and turned placing her head on the pillow.

Jai chucked and tried putting his arm around her which she swatted. He placed his head on the crook of her neck which she tried shrugging off. But  couldn’t. Grunting she closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her ear. She frowned.

“Remember I want a girl first!”

Before she could say anything, he turned her and pulled her in to his arms and shut her effectively.

Maradalu Rocks.. Bava Shocks


Vennela sat on the dining table making dough for the Chapathis that her Athaiyya was about to make for dinner. She looked above at the mezzanine where Jai disappeared 2 hours ago stating he has headache and asked for a strong coffee. When she went to give him the coffee he was sitting on the other side of his bed hidden to others leaning on the bed. She smiled remembering the look on his face as she called him BAVA to give him coffee.

He behaved indifferent as if he did not care for her as she placed the coffee on the nightstand and moved from there. Vennele chuckled as she knew the reason for his behavior. Well, she played her cards well after all.

She remembered the shopping scenario as she made small balls of the dough.

After shopping attires and accessories, Vennela and Jai were about to get into the car when she stopped him asking him to get ice cream.

“Seriously Vennela? Ice cream?”

“Yes! Please Bava..”

And he could not say no. So he got her favourite triple scoop chocolate Vanilla ice cream which she ate awfully slowly for his liking.

Vennela had a dreamy smile as she remembered how her bava kept looking at her as she gobbled up the ice cream. She chuckled as she remembered how she enjoyed walking ahead of him giving him the glimpse of her half saree clad self as he walked behind her carrying all the shopping bags. She knew that his eyes never left her. She could feel it.

She smiled as she made the chapathis and went inside the kitchen to help her athaiyya who had already prepared the Korma.

“Vennela.. Dough ready?”

“Ready Athaiyya! You move from here. I will make these.”

“Ledu ra. You get the table ready.”

“I obliged when you said you will make the korma. So this I am not going to let you. You go and sit. Table is already done. I will serve you hot hot!”

“I will call Jai..”

“He is sleeping Athaiyya. You eat. I will make him fresh ones after he is awake.”

“Oh his headache..”

Latha said and moved to the table shaking her head. She had to admit, she enjoyed being pampered by Vennela.

She sat on the table with plate in front of her smiling as she heard Vennela making chapathis and singing in the kitchen. Vennela within few days become integral part in their life. Latha thought of her husband whom she left behind for reasons which felt stupid to her right now. Would she get a chance to meet him?

“Vedi vedi Chapathilu..”

Saying vennela put them on her plate and served her the korma. Latha tore a piece and put it in her mouth.

“So how was your shopping..”

Vennela smiled remembering everything once again.


“Jai hates shopping..”

“Really? Bava hates shopping?”

She asked feigning surprise. Latha frowned.

“Yes.. and you are surprised.”

“Why not. He was enjoying with me.. Shopping for me and running around with bags.”

Latha narrowed her eyes and then chuckled seeing the mirth twinking in Vennela’s eyes.

“Hey.. you.. I know my son well..”

“Very well.. He was not enjoying.. But he did not sulk too. So it was all good.”

“Then okay. Why aren’t you eating?”

“You eat Athaiyya.. I will eat in sometime.”

Latha smiled understanding Vennela.

“I have a meeting tomorrow ra. Important clients. Some event is coming up.”

“You go and rest. I will finish up here.”

Latha smiled and went to wash her plate. She was giving the young couple lone time to face their feelings. She saw the way her son’s eyes kept revolving around this energy packet whose name was Vennela.

She also understood that this was not some passing cloud feeling her son was having. And being with Vennela all these days, she understood the girl well that she knew that she was right for her son who never voiced out his feelings much.

With all these thoughts, Latha went to bed.

Here Vennela made fresh chapathis and arranging them in two plates and pouring the korma in two bowls, she arranged a tray and went up to Jai’s room.

As she suspected he was sitting there on his recliner facing the balcony window.

“Ahem ahem..”

She cleared her throat gaining his attention.

“Your dinner”

She saw a small smile teasing the lip end of his and smiled. Anklets clinking she walked in and placed the Tray on the small table there and stood in front of him.

“Did you freshen up?”

She asked. But she knew he was fresh as she saw that he had changed into his comfortable night clothes. Again she got only smile as an answer as he saw him making way to his plate.



“Tomorrow, I am coming to your office with you..”

“I know!”

“Avoiding me will not be a solution.”

“Who is avoiding you?”

“Oh really? Who has been hiding in this room for past 3 hours?”

“I had headache!”

“At least make some good excuse Bava.”

Before he could say anything, she stuffed a piece of chapathi in his mouth and giggled.

“Do you think I am blind and unaware of my senses?”

She asked raising her eyebrow as she stuffed another piece into his mouth. Jai could do nothing but eat as she fed him. Inside he was so happy. He liked spending time with his Maradalu. Vennela was breath of fresh air.

Vennela smiled as she enjoyed troubling him when everyone else tried impressing him. She was not going to be one among 100. She was the only one. So she enjoyed troubling him to no end, making him go crazy.

Jai started feeding her as both finished their dinner. They washed their hands and Vennela was about to move out when Jai held her arm. She looked up at him.

“I don’t know about your senses. But mine are intact. So, good night!”

Saying he moved to his bed switching off the lights.

“We will see that in office Bava..”

She gave a sweet warning and moved down. Jai smiled as he heard the sound of her anklets resonating. He had so gotten used to this in last few days. He drifted into peaceful slumber as he thought about his Maradalu and her sweet warning.

Part 29


“Dr. Seetha.. WAS THAT A JOKE? What is in the reports?”

Jai was pacing the mezzanine terrace as he was speaking over the phone. He was still not over the fact that the kit showed negative, on the next day, 5 days old report says his wife is pregnant?

“Jai, cool down. I am in town today. I am coming to meet Jai annaiya. We will talk then.”


He said unconvinced and rushed to their room. As he knew Vennela. But he was not expecting what he saw when he entered the room.

Vennela was sleeping!


Was all he could say as here he was going mad thinking about the reports. But then something flashed in his mind. Usually women faint at this stage. Was Vennela unconscious? That thought gave him shivers making him run to her wake her up.


Groaning she woke up and frowned at him.

“What happened? Why are you disturbing my sleep Bava?”

“You were sleeping!”

“What else do you think I was doing?”

She yawned but then she flew like a jet towards the wash basin.


He ran behind her and held her head from behind as she emptied her already empty stomach. That was when Arjun and Manasa entered with Ginger ale and some crackers for Vennela.


Arjun rushed to her as Jai walker her to the bed after washing her face.


“What is wrong?”

“Ask your Bava.. We saw something, then he said something.. And now something else is only happening.”

Arjun chuckled. Vennela.. And her antics.

“Vennela.. I know the pregnancy kit..”

“It showed negative Manasa!”

Vennela sighed leaning on the headboard of the bed sipping her ale.

“Come on Vennu. They cannot be trusted much. They cannot detect early pregnancies.”

“She is more than 5 weeks pregnant or so says the report!”

“That report was sent by Seetha Pinni right?”


“Come on ra Bava. Seetha pinni is a doctor who has much experience than anyone in this. If her reports say..”

“But.. certain things say otherwise Arjun.”

“You know what I will call Seetha Pinni.”

“She is already here.”

All four turned to see Seetha standing there with a smile.

“Hey Arjun!”

She greeted Arjun who smiled at her.

“Neuro surgeon? Great nanna..”

Arjun smiled again before touching her feet for blessings. Manasa followed the suit. After settling.

“Now tell me what is the problem Jai!”

“Your reports!”

“Okay. Let u sget it clarified. Men out!”


“Arjun. This is not Italy or London or US. This is India and here things are done this way. So you better take Jai out.”

“I am not going out. I will stay in the balcony.”

Shaking their heads Arjun and Manasa walked out while Jai walked to the small balcony attached to their room. Seetha sat beside Vennela and smiled seeing her tired.

“Vennela.. Entamma idi? Can’t you understand your own body?”

“I do Pinni. But you remember the day came for check up..”

“You remember me asking you certain things about your monthly. And you said it was nothing like your usual painful ones.”

“Avunu pinni.”

She said frowning. Seetha smiled.

“How many days did it last.”

“2 days.”

“Great then. Its clear. Sometimes this is common Vennela during Pregnancy. Most women do not understand. But you got it because of your routine miss. And that gave me the hint.”

“But the kit..”

“Oh they are not always right Vennu ma.. Sometimes they don’t catch the hormones at earlier stage.”

“It means..”

“You are Pregnant ra. JAI!”

Jai who was standing in the balcony like a good boy, came in with head hung like a new bride making Vennela and Seetha chuckle.

“Look at him. Does everything with this innocent baby face”

“That face is the problem pinni..”

Jai just shook his head and smiled at the women.

“See, Jai.. You have to be very careful now with her. She is around a month and half along and until she is 3 months, she must rest well, take care of herself and be very careful. And her eating will go down. But make sure she eats at least for the strength to throw up. And No more SPEAKING! And Congratulations new parents.”

Seetha winked making Vennela glare and Jai give her confused look. Chuckling she moved out pinching Vennela’s chin once. Jai looked at her frowning and then turned to see Vennela who was glaring in the same direction taking bites of the crackers.

Chuckling he sat beside her and helped her with another cracker.

“Looks like my wish was granted even before I voiced it.”

“Pretty good time to find out!”


Frowning Vennela smacked behind his head.

“Forgot about yesterday?”

Jai remembered his mother’s 2nd year death anniversary.

“Why do you hit me for that?”

“To make the matter get into that thick head of yours.”

“And here I thought I could handle 2 kids.”

And she smacked again. He chuckled taking her in his arms.

“I am the happiest man in the world!”

“Thanks to me.”


“I gave the news Bava!”

“Well.. I am the reason!”

She was about to smack him again when he pulled her more into him hugging her to his heart’s content.

Part 28

Vennela was washing the utensils after dinner. Jai came there and started washing them with her and towel dried them. After that Vennela moved out and went up to the mezzanine terrace. Jai followed her and saw her standing near the parapet not minding the chillness of the breeze. He put his arm around her shoulder.

She turned to him and looked at him.

“Where is my wife Vennela?”


“Afternoon, you asked me not to get upset over the results. But I see the opposite.”

She sighed as she went into his arms and placed her head on his chest.

“Maybe with all the symptoms, I developed hopes.”

“I know. But Vennela! There is no urgency here. Its not like we have some problem. Let it happen when it should.”

“Kani bava. Last time when Seetha Pinni spoke about removing my uterus..”

“But she also said this is much common Vennela. Don’t confuse yourself.”

“Adi kaadu bava. Last time it did not affect me much because you were not worrying about babies. Kaani ippudu, when you want to have one, its scaring me. What if I cannot bare a child?”

Jai pulled apart and held her face. He made her eyes meet his.

“Vennela.. Pillalu unna leka poyina, you are important to me. Vennela dont be like this..”

“Sorry bava.”

He  pecked her forehead as she smiled.

“Seri Bava.. If suppose the result was positive?”

“Then, I would have been happy. Because, whoever is going to come.. Will be my darling..”

“Ayithe nenu?”

She asked frowning.



Scowling she hit his head making him laugh. He carried her to their room and deposited on their bed. Seeing him removing his shirt Vennela frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“The obvious!”

“Rei Bava.. Noo..”

“Rei na? You are losing out your respect for your husband.. Now I definitely have to do something..”

“What… Nooo..”

She giggled as he fell on the bed and pulled her on him. And the rest was history as they say.

Both of them forgot the world as they slept peacefully in each other’s arm. Jai’s head was nestled in her bosom while Vennela’s cheek rested on his silky hair. They had their arms around each other as the sun spread its rays on them indicating the blossoming of the day.

Jai smiled as he lost his sleep due to Vennela’s restless hands that were trying to free from his hold. Slowly he placed a peck on the base of her neck and looked up opening his eyes to her face.

But then he frowned seeing her face scrunched. He immediately wore his  pant and shook her awake.


But before she could even speak anything her hand flew to her mouth. Understanding her situation, Jai wound the comforter around her and helped her to the bathroom where she emptied everything she had in her stomach from last night. He washed her face and made her brush and he brushed too. Wiping her face after she was done, he carried her out and made her lay on their bed. He kept caressing her hair as she lay there with her eyes closed.

“Vennela.. You..”

“I am fine.”

She said in hushed voice  as she took his hand that was caressing her hair and placed it on her cheek. Jai did not know what to say. But he just let her do whatever she felt like doing.

“Shall I get you tea?”


Jai was taken aback by the denial as it was loud and stubborn. Vennela never did that. He frowned.

“What do you want Vennela?”

“Ginger ale.”

Again Jai was surprised.

“But you don’t..”

“I know. But right now I don’t think I can have anything else. Even the thought of coffee or tea is making my stomach queasy Bava.”

“Okay. That is enough. I have had enough. Today we are going to Doctor.”

“We should anyway. To collect the reports.”

That is when Jai remembered the phone call of Seetha 5 days in which she said that she would mail the reports to their home as she was going to Delhi for a complicated surgery.

Thinking about the reports, he went down buttoning his shirt and went straight to the kitchen where he found his Athaiyya and Manasa. Manasa smiled as she saw him.

“Good morning Mr. Sleepy head.”

“Manasa? What are you doing here early in the morning?”

“Early? Boss, its 9 in the morning.”

“What. Its so late? God. Office.”

Lakshmi hit her head.

“Today Sunday Jai!”

He stood dumb for a few minutes after which he chuckled.

“Sunday! Yeah right.. I forgot!”

Manasa and Lakshmi chuckled too.

“And where is our Maharani Vennela?”

Lakshmi asked.

“She is not feeling well Athaiyya. She asked for Allam neeru.”

“Hain? Vennela asked for it? Are you sure?”


“Athaiyya.. May be Vennela would need only this every morning here after..”

Manasa said stifling her smile. Lakshmi was clueless while Jai just stared at her.

“Manasa.. I asked you what are you doing here?”

“Today Panthulu is coming to look into dates for engagement and wedding..”


And Jai turned and seeing his look Manasa also went along. Both went to the backside of the village home.

“Yem ayindi Jai?”

“Don’t raise anyone’s hopes Manasa. Vennela told me about the kit and yesterday the result came out too.”

Manasa frowned.

“Are you sure?”


“Then Vennela should be taken to hospital soon. The symptoms..”

“I know. Today we are..”


Both turned to see Arjun standing there going through the mails.

“Today morning Mavaiyya asked me to sort out this week’s mail and I found out one mail on vennu’s name.”

Jai snatched the cover and saw that it were indeed Vennela’s reports.

“Manasa, would you mind bringing the ale to our room?”

“I will bring. You go..”

Jai ran to his room leaving behind a very confused Arjun.

“Why is he running like a mad man?”

“Those are Vennela’s medical reports.”

“Oh! Fine fine.. And what ale?”

“She threw up again I think.. So she wanted something to settle her stomach..”


“Negative result it seems Arjun..”

“Aahh.. don’t trust the home pregnancy kits always. And its too early for them to pick up the hormones.”

“Look at Neuro Surgeon talking like ob-gyn.”

“Not you too Manasa. Basic MBBS teaches us all the basics and remember during last 2 years we are made to assist everyone in the field.”

“I know.. Let us wait for it Arjun. Jai looks upset.”

“Yeah right. Now come, Pedda Mavaiyya called you as Panthulu might arrive any moment now.”

Both went inside.

Here Jai locked their room door and turned to Vennela who was sitting leaning on the headboard of the bed. He saw that she was dressed. He settled next to her.


She turned to him.

“Did you throw up again?”


She said sighing. He sighed too.

“What is happening Vennela?”

“I don’t know.”

“May be we will know. Idigo.. Reports.”

Vennela frowned at the cover.

“I forgot to tell you. Dr. Seetha called me and said she would mail the reports as she is leaving to Delhi urgently for a surgery.”

She sulked.

“What is written?”

“I did not even open..”

“You read it Bava..”

Saying she covered her head with the comforter sulking. She was too tired of her nausea. Jai who was not used to this behavior of her, opened the reports and read them. Slowly his eyes widened and then they filled with unshed tears. Not hearing any sound from him, Vennela uncovered and frowned seeing his state.

She immediately came close to him and held his arm.


He turned to her and a tear rolled down.

“Bava.. Yem Ayindi?”


He said  softly. And held her face in his palms. Vennela’s eyes reflected his emotions as she could never see him shedding tears. She wiped his tear and next moment he buried his face in her neck curve.


“Bava.. What happened? Whatever it is.. Just tell. I cannot see you like this..”

“I.. You..”

“What is in the reports?”

Now her voice shook just like his did. She tried to raise his face but he did not budge.


“We are pregnant!”

Part 27

Jai was standing with his father in front of the human size photo frame in which his mother’s smile was captured forever. Beside that pic was another pic another smiling woman with her husband beside, in front of which Arjun stood. Kamala Athaiyya and Gajapathy Mavaiyya, who lost their lives to the feud leaving a very young Arjun to the fate. Jai could so understand what Arjun was feeling. After all he was orphaned too after Deva threw him out on the day of his mother’s funeral. This very day 2 years back.


Jai turned to his father. A man who lost his world because of him.


He turned to Adi and Lalli, people who thought of him as son but he did not respect their love in front of his pain.

“Past is past. A lot happened in last few years. But Jai, you.. And only because of you, today we are seeing this day where instead of killing each other, we are getting into a beautiful relationship.”

Deva  said looking at Naagireddy and Shiva Reddy who nodded their heads.

“And Arjun.. I know it was painful for you to stay here anymore. But I am so proud of what you have made of yourself Nanna. And I am so happy that if Jai went on bringing peace, you walked in his path tying both a villages permanently.”

Adi and Deva looked at each other smiling.

“So enough of moping. I think its time we started putting the guilt behind us and remember the happy moments of past and make more happy and beautiful moments for us to cherish in future.”

Vennela smiled as she saw Jai look up at his father and then run into his arms. Father and son deserved this peace. Then she turned and saw Arjun in Adi and Lalli’s arms. They deserved this happiness too. But.. Vennela looked at her flat abdomen and sighed. May be they still had time. It was time for Varshabtheegam Bhojanam. Vennela served everyone and then went to clean the dishes. When she came back, she saw Jai missing. She frowned.

“Vennela? You saw Arjun?”

“Ledu Manasa. Even Bava is missing.”

Both frowned. Suddenly both looked at each other and rushed to the one place they knew that could give solace to the boys. The Rocks. And they were right. They found both of them standing there, with their arms crossed on their fronts.

“We both lost a lot Arjun.”

“Telusu Bava. But that shouldn’t stop us..”

“From making our future. Can we forget them and move on?”

Arjun smiled.

“You know Vennu.. She can talk non stop, rile you up like mad. But behind all those she is a person who will do anything to keep you happy.”

“I know.. I also know that you can make Manasa forget the pain of all that happened to her family..”

“So I think we can move on very well..”

“You should have been a shrink Arjun..”

“I am mad enough.. I dont want to see other cracked cases Bava. So I am better as Neuro Surgeon.”

Jai Chuckled.

“I so pity Manasa.”

“Don’t! She is no less.”


Frowning both turned to see Manasa standing there breathing fire through nose like a dragon with her hands on her hips.


Arjun said and turned to Jai who raised his hands.

“Sorry! Not a person to interfere in Husband wife matters.”

“Orei Paapishti Bava!”

Saying he ran down the rocks with Manasa chasing him with all the kolaveri. Vennela and Jai laughed. Jai slowly pulled her close to him and snaked his arm around her. She looked up at him, both their eyes shining with mirth.

“These both are worse than kids Bava.”

“As if you are any adult!”

She scowled and jabbed him on his tummy.


“Come on Vennela. Not fair.”

“Not fair indeed. Calling your wife a kid.”

“No! Hitting your husband.”


“Relax Vennela. Did you make the report on the event?”


Jai scowled at her.

“Its been a week since the even Vennela. We need to upload the report.”

“Yeah yeah! I will do today. Just got a little busy with Athaiyya’s..”

“Its okay! And how are you feeling? Today morning you sat holding your head.”

Vennela looked up at him. He looked down at her and smiled.

“Yem ayindi Vennela?”

“Bava Oka vishayam..”


“Come with me..”

Saying Vennela pulled him holding his hand and both walked to their home and straight to their room.

“Vennela? Enti?”

He asked confused as she made him sit on their bed and went to the cupboard and ferreted something out.


She said coming to him holding a packet. He frowned at it.

“Seeing all my being tired and throwing up, Manasa and Arjun suggested me to use it. But I did not want to raise my hopes or get too excited and then, we kind of got busy.”

“What is it Vennela?”

“Home Pregnancy Kit”


“Calm down Bava. But just on a gut feeling, I am going to use this. Whatever the result is.. You will not get upset right?”

Jai got up and held her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“Vennela.. You know me. And its not like this is the only chance.. But if you feel this will give you peace, go on. But  the result will not change anything in me for you..”

Taking a deep breath, Vennela took the packet to the bathroom. Jai was pacing the room dimensions rubbing his palms, biting his nails. That one minute proved to be eons for him.

Slowly he turned hearing the bathroom door. Vennela came out slowly and forwarded the stick to him. He looked up in confusion.

“Two lines means Positive. Single line is negative. You check it.”

Saying Vennela held his hands as he took the stick and looked into the window. First there was nothing there he could understand. But slowly he saw one faint pink line and waited for another line. But.. NO!

Jai turned to her as she looked up and frowned.


Part 26

“Vennela.. Have this juice!”

He brought her pineapple juice. Gratefully Vennela took it to her mouth when she felt her inside churn. Pushing the juice goblet in his hands, Vennela ran to the ladies room of Chennai The Park’s banquet hall.


But who was there to listen to him?? Jai looked around helplessly when Manasa came there. His relief when he saw her was comical.


“Manasa.. Vennela..”

He said everything. Manasa frowned.

“I cannot get into a ladies room.”

Manasa smiled. She always knew how much Jai cared for Vennela. Now she was seeing it firsthand.

“Relax Jai. I will see. Its nothing. Travelling and all the stress can make her react this way.”

“But juice..”

“Leave it. The smell can make it worse. I will make her drink something better. You go to the guests. Dinner is about to start.”

“Dinner can wait..”

“Nope. You came here for this. Arjun is also there. You go. Vennela ni nenu choosukuntanu.”

Saying Manasa pushed Jai who was unconvinced much. After making sure, Jai was away Manasa rushed to the ladies room and saw Vennela washing her face.


“Ahh! This Bava sent you?”

“He cannot come into ladies room right?”

“I know. I am asking why is he fussing so much.”

“Its okay Vennela. He cares for you. How are you feeling now?”

“After emptying out whatever little I ate? I feel wonderful.”

Manasa frowned. Vennela was snappy.

“Calm down. I will get you some crackers or something tangy.”


Saying Vennela sat with a thud on the couch in the powder room there. Manasa frowned again.

“Vennela, Dinner will get over in sometime. Arrangements are already done. If anything else I will take care. You get back to your suite.”

“Kaani Manasa, Bava..”

“I will send Jai in sometime. You come with me.”

Saying she pulled Vennela with her. On her way she called Arjun.

“Arjun.. I am messaging you certain things. You just get those to Vennela Jai’s suite without asking any stupid questions!”

“I ask stupid questions?”

“What you are doing now?”

“Amma Paradevathe! I will bring in sometime.”


Vennela giggled. Manasa winked and chuckled.

“Already controlling. Thindi Ramudu is in for a ride with you after marriage.”

“HE should have thought of it before getting on the gondola with me.”

Both women grinned as they reached the suite and she unlocked with Vennela’s key card. Once they settled inside and Vennela changed, Manasa made her sit on the bed and looked at her.

“Enti Manasa?”

“I will ask you a personal question. Will you try not to be offended?”

“Chi chi. Enti Manasa idi. You are family. No formalities here. Mainly not with me.”

Manasa smiled as she looked at the hand Vennela was holding.

“Did you ever think of having a family? I mean I know its only been 11 months since you both married and its too soon. But still..”

“First Bava did not want family too soon as he wanted to spend time with our family which he never knew he had. Kaani, ippudu ippude he said that may be we should..”

Vennela smiled looking down. Manasa smiled.



“Abba.. Vennela ki sigge? Arjun said you never do that.”

Manasa grinned raising her brows. Vennela slapped her shoulders and both chuckled.

“As you said I don’t have to see formalities with you, with that liberty I am going to ask you to do something.”

Vennela frowned. At that time, they heard the bell. Manasa opened and let Arjun in.

“Vennu, are you okay?”

He said placing the special ginger ale and some crackers beside her.

“I am good. Looks like traveling is not that good to me this time.”

Vennela said taking a sip of the ale, which thankfully was tasting good and making her feel better. After that she did not know, how the whole glass got empty. Arjun kept looking at her like some alien.



“You never used to like that!”

“Well now I do!”

“Arjun! Just be quiet. Be happy that she is eating something without throwing up.”

“Yeah yeah!”

“Did you get what I asked for?”

“He brought all these no?”

Vennela asked taking one big bite of the cracker.

“I asked for something else too!”



Arjun said taken a packet and stuffing it in Vennela’s hands. Vennela frowned.

“I think you should try this Vennela.”

“No.. Manasa..”


Jai came in frowning. Vennela immediately hid the Packet in the nightstand draw.

“Why is the door open?”

“Just now I came bava. Me and Manasa will leave now.”

Nodding both left. Jai sat  beside Vennela who was taking another bite of her cracker.

“Em ayindi Vennela?”

“Nothing bava.”

“You threw up again?”

“No! I am fine now. I just had allam neeru. Feeling better”

“Whatever helps you keep the food down. But Vennela. May be we should visit a doctor?”

“Vaddu. Seetha Pinni’s reports will come soon. We will see. Want some crackers?”

“Nuvu thinu Vennela.”

“You had dinner?”


He said too soon and Vennela knew.

“I can see! Bava?”

“I am just not hungry Vennela.”

He scrunched his face making her giggle.

“Yeah I can see that too. Have these. I will ask for a coffee and some snacks.”

“Just coffee.”

He said slowly making her laugh as he took one whole cracker into his mouth.

“Intha aakali untu, why did you lie.”

She said ordering him a coffee through phone line.


She shook her head chuckling. Soon coffee came with another pack of crackers that both ate by dunking in the coffee.

After Changing, Jai came and laid beside her switching off the lights.


“You are awake still?”


“Enti Vennela?”

“You said some days before.. That you would like a girl first..”

Jai turned to her and looked into her eyes in that night light.

“Yes.. It would be nice to have a girl no?”

“Hmm.. Athaiyya’s 2nd Varshabtheegam is coming..”

“I know..”

“This year you will be there to do it.”

“Nana should do it Vennela. Its his rights.”


“Sleep Vennela. Tomorrow we should start early.”

He said and kissed her on the forehead before laying on her bosom and closing his eyes putting his arm around her. Vennela turned and looked at the nightstand draw, where the packet Arjun gave lay in there. She thought she would use it once she is home in Rentachintala.

Bava Maradalu Craziness


Vennela called him. It was a Tuesday afternoon when he was sitting on the couch after lunch. Tomorrow Vennela was joining his office. Its been a week since she came here and his mother said that she was good with computers and she can be his help than hers in Event Management. And she said that the next day was good for her to join.

But he knew what she was good at. He just accepted his mother’s request and said that he will take her to office with him. From that moment Vennela was running around him like some headless chicken. Not that he was not enjoying it.

He looked up at her and frowned.

“Enti Vennela?”

“Bava! Tomorrow I am coming to office with you right?”


“You asked me not to wear Langa oni in hyderabad. With Athaiyya I have been wearing these only. And Amma threw all my other dresses saying that they won’t even fit Chinna anymore.”


“I want new dresses Bava!”

She said getting irritated. Can’t that daft man understand? He only asked her not to where Langa oni and now he is not even cared about taking her to a shop to get her a proper dress that he preferred in his office.

“If you want a new dress ask Amma, she will get you.”

“Athaiyya asked you to take me. Are you coming or I will take Athaiyya’s car and go by myself.”

She said keeping her hands on her hips.

“Who asked Amma to teach you car driving.”

Jai mumbled. Latha who came there chuckled.

“Jai! Why are you troubling her. Take her shopping.”

“Okay Mom”

He says obediently.

“Mom enti?”

Vennela scowled.

“AMMA! Happy?”

He said and moved into his room upstairs to change. Latha who looked at Vennela’s victory grin chuckled.

“You don’t leave a chance right?”

“What do you think Athaiyya?”

“Whoever is going to share their life with you will have jolly life.”

Latha said. Vennela frowned.

“Whoever? Why not.. BAVA?”


“I mean Bava is coming. We should leave. Bye Athaiyya.”

Shaking his head Jai moved out but not before nodding to his mother. Both got into car.


“What Bava..”

“Dont stand with hands on hips in front of me!”

He said frowning. Vennela scowled. Trust him to say something like this before a drive!

“Naa nadumu, Naa Chethulu. I will keep. You don’t look!”

She said and turned to look out of the window at the road and traffic. Jai shook his head. What her posture did to him when she  kept her hands on her hips, how will she know? Chaatuga unna aa nadumu.. Choostunte.. Mathi potundeee.. His mind goes crazy. But how will she know?

With all the thoughts in his head, he did not even realize that they have reached destination. Vennela looked at the big shop and then looked at him.

“Are you sure you want me to get dresses from here.”

“That’s why I brought you here right?”

SAying he parked the car and both climbed to ladies section. She looked around and saw all the western wears.


She called with hesitation lacing her voice?”


“Are you..”

“I am! Get anything you like. And Langa oni lu ikada undavu. You are not getting anymore of those half sarees.”

Giggling she went to Jeans section and chose one beige jeans with white top and matching heels sandals and went into the trial room. She came out wearing them and looked around searching for Jai. She found him sitting in front of a mirror. She walked to the mirror and looked at herself keeping her hands on hips.

“Not bad”

She said to herself. She, through the mirror, saw Jai looking at her without even winking his eyes. She turned and raised her brow in question. But in reply she got only stare from him. She frowned. She walked to him and clicked her finger.


He looked up at her and stood to his height. He looked around. Seeing nobody noticing them, he pushed the chair aside and stood close to her.

Vennela’s eyes widened feeling his hand going to her hip.

“Don’t do this again.”

Saying he left her and walked to the other side. Vennela stood there like statue. Still feeling his hand on her.

This man would make her go mad one day!

She thought shaking her head and went to change to her Langa oni.

This girl will make him go crazy soon..

He thought as he walked here and there in that ladies section not knowing what to do.