Maradalu Rocks.. Bava Shocks


Vennela sat on the dining table making dough for the Chapathis that her Athaiyya was about to make for dinner. She looked above at the mezzanine where Jai disappeared 2 hours ago stating he has headache and asked for a strong coffee. When she went to give him the coffee he was sitting on the other side of his bed hidden to others leaning on the bed. She smiled remembering the look on his face as she called him BAVA to give him coffee.

He behaved indifferent as if he did not care for her as she placed the coffee on the nightstand and moved from there. Vennele chuckled as she knew the reason for his behavior. Well, she played her cards well after all.

She remembered the shopping scenario as she made small balls of the dough.

After shopping attires and accessories, Vennela and Jai were about to get into the car when she stopped him asking him to get ice cream.

“Seriously Vennela? Ice cream?”

“Yes! Please Bava..”

And he could not say no. So he got her favourite triple scoop chocolate Vanilla ice cream which she ate awfully slowly for his liking.

Vennela had a dreamy smile as she remembered how her bava kept looking at her as she gobbled up the ice cream. She chuckled as she remembered how she enjoyed walking ahead of him giving him the glimpse of her half saree clad self as he walked behind her carrying all the shopping bags. She knew that his eyes never left her. She could feel it.

She smiled as she made the chapathis and went inside the kitchen to help her athaiyya who had already prepared the Korma.

“Vennela.. Dough ready?”

“Ready Athaiyya! You move from here. I will make these.”

“Ledu ra. You get the table ready.”

“I obliged when you said you will make the korma. So this I am not going to let you. You go and sit. Table is already done. I will serve you hot hot!”

“I will call Jai..”

“He is sleeping Athaiyya. You eat. I will make him fresh ones after he is awake.”

“Oh his headache..”

Latha said and moved to the table shaking her head. She had to admit, she enjoyed being pampered by Vennela.

She sat on the table with plate in front of her smiling as she heard Vennela making chapathis and singing in the kitchen. Vennela within few days become integral part in their life. Latha thought of her husband whom she left behind for reasons which felt stupid to her right now. Would she get a chance to meet him?

“Vedi vedi Chapathilu..”

Saying vennela put them on her plate and served her the korma. Latha tore a piece and put it in her mouth.

“So how was your shopping..”

Vennela smiled remembering everything once again.


“Jai hates shopping..”

“Really? Bava hates shopping?”

She asked feigning surprise. Latha frowned.

“Yes.. and you are surprised.”

“Why not. He was enjoying with me.. Shopping for me and running around with bags.”

Latha narrowed her eyes and then chuckled seeing the mirth twinking in Vennela’s eyes.

“Hey.. you.. I know my son well..”

“Very well.. He was not enjoying.. But he did not sulk too. So it was all good.”

“Then okay. Why aren’t you eating?”

“You eat Athaiyya.. I will eat in sometime.”

Latha smiled understanding Vennela.

“I have a meeting tomorrow ra. Important clients. Some event is coming up.”

“You go and rest. I will finish up here.”

Latha smiled and went to wash her plate. She was giving the young couple lone time to face their feelings. She saw the way her son’s eyes kept revolving around this energy packet whose name was Vennela.

She also understood that this was not some passing cloud feeling her son was having. And being with Vennela all these days, she understood the girl well that she knew that she was right for her son who never voiced out his feelings much.

With all these thoughts, Latha went to bed.

Here Vennela made fresh chapathis and arranging them in two plates and pouring the korma in two bowls, she arranged a tray and went up to Jai’s room.

As she suspected he was sitting there on his recliner facing the balcony window.

“Ahem ahem..”

She cleared her throat gaining his attention.

“Your dinner”

She saw a small smile teasing the lip end of his and smiled. Anklets clinking she walked in and placed the Tray on the small table there and stood in front of him.

“Did you freshen up?”

She asked. But she knew he was fresh as she saw that he had changed into his comfortable night clothes. Again she got only smile as an answer as he saw him making way to his plate.



“Tomorrow, I am coming to your office with you..”

“I know!”

“Avoiding me will not be a solution.”

“Who is avoiding you?”

“Oh really? Who has been hiding in this room for past 3 hours?”

“I had headache!”

“At least make some good excuse Bava.”

Before he could say anything, she stuffed a piece of chapathi in his mouth and giggled.

“Do you think I am blind and unaware of my senses?”

She asked raising her eyebrow as she stuffed another piece into his mouth. Jai could do nothing but eat as she fed him. Inside he was so happy. He liked spending time with his Maradalu. Vennela was breath of fresh air.

Vennela smiled as she enjoyed troubling him when everyone else tried impressing him. She was not going to be one among 100. She was the only one. So she enjoyed troubling him to no end, making him go crazy.

Jai started feeding her as both finished their dinner. They washed their hands and Vennela was about to move out when Jai held her arm. She looked up at him.

“I don’t know about your senses. But mine are intact. So, good night!”

Saying he moved to his bed switching off the lights.

“We will see that in office Bava..”

She gave a sweet warning and moved down. Jai smiled as he heard the sound of her anklets resonating. He had so gotten used to this in last few days. He drifted into peaceful slumber as he thought about his Maradalu and her sweet warning.


6 thoughts on “Maradalu Rocks.. Bava Shocks

  1. Thanks for Update,Meenu..
    It was Lovely OS..
    Jai feelings on Vennela was so interesting.
    The Ice cream Part was so Cute.
    Jai looking at her on that time was so Cute and interesting.
    The way Vennela said to Jai that he is avoiding her,it was so Nice.
    Jai reply to Vennela was so Cute.
    The whole os was so Beautifully explained.
    Please write like this..

  2. This was cute ! 😍
    Bava n Maradalu feeding each other ❤️
    She was not one among 100, she was the only one ! True ! 👍🏼
    Nice update !😎👌🏼

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