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24 Movie Review

Directed By:        Vikram Kumar

Produced by:       Suriya

Cast(Credited):  Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen, Saranya Ponvannan, Ajay

Ratings by me:   3/5

24 is an Indian Tamil Science Fiction the released 29th April 2016 with Suriya starring in triple role including the antagonist and Samantha and Nithya Menen as the female leads.

The story goes back to January 1990 where Scientist and watchmaker Dr. Sethuraman lives in his Mansion with Laboratory with his Wife and new born son Manikandan aka Mani. He is working on a Project 24 that involves a watch that could let you travel back and forth time till 24 hours. His evil twin, Athreya, who comes to know about this tries to take the watch for his own purposes that includes stopping the birth of Sethuraman. In this fight, Sethuraman loses his wife and is about to lose his life, but not before he secures his son and the watch by leaving both in hands of a stranger in train, Sathyabama(Saranya), who brings up Mani as her own son. Amidst all this, Athreya who jumps from the train due to false alarm of a bomb, is paralysed and goes into coma only to gain conscious 26 years later in 2016 where Mani is a watch mechanic in love with Sathya(Samantha) niece of his mother Sathyabama and also in possession of his father’s pro24. How Athreya finds Mani? Will he succeed in getting the watch Sethuraman created? Will Mani realize the value of the watch he is playing with? Forms the rest of the plot.

24 is a very dangerous, yet a intelligent idea. With many Commercial and action thrillers coming up, 24 stands unique with its mix of sci-fic, thriller and masala. Vikram Kumar has taken a calculated risk with such script and succeeded too. The different layers to this movie adds to its essence. The team of 24 must be applauded for such difference course of action. Along with Vikram, the actor Suriya is also to be praised for his action as both protagonist and Antagonist. Nithya Menen though for a very little screen space, has done a wonderful job. The BG score by ARR adds to the advantages of the movie even though the songs were average.

The main negative to this story comes in the form of Mani-Sathya romance which is very silly and childish. This brings down the whole narration.

But again the story takes a hike as Athreya enters the scene after being in coma for 26 years. From there begins the thrill in the story.

On the whole, 24 is brilliant attempt in sci-fic. Its a must watch movie. And for the climax alone extra points can be give(LOL).