Part 26

“Vennela.. Have this juice!”

He brought her pineapple juice. Gratefully Vennela took it to her mouth when she felt her inside churn. Pushing the juice goblet in his hands, Vennela ran to the ladies room of Chennai The Park’s banquet hall.


But who was there to listen to him?? Jai looked around helplessly when Manasa came there. His relief when he saw her was comical.


“Manasa.. Vennela..”

He said everything. Manasa frowned.

“I cannot get into a ladies room.”

Manasa smiled. She always knew how much Jai cared for Vennela. Now she was seeing it firsthand.

“Relax Jai. I will see. Its nothing. Travelling and all the stress can make her react this way.”

“But juice..”

“Leave it. The smell can make it worse. I will make her drink something better. You go to the guests. Dinner is about to start.”

“Dinner can wait..”

“Nope. You came here for this. Arjun is also there. You go. Vennela ni nenu choosukuntanu.”

Saying Manasa pushed Jai who was unconvinced much. After making sure, Jai was away Manasa rushed to the ladies room and saw Vennela washing her face.


“Ahh! This Bava sent you?”

“He cannot come into ladies room right?”

“I know. I am asking why is he fussing so much.”

“Its okay Vennela. He cares for you. How are you feeling now?”

“After emptying out whatever little I ate? I feel wonderful.”

Manasa frowned. Vennela was snappy.

“Calm down. I will get you some crackers or something tangy.”


Saying Vennela sat with a thud on the couch in the powder room there. Manasa frowned again.

“Vennela, Dinner will get over in sometime. Arrangements are already done. If anything else I will take care. You get back to your suite.”

“Kaani Manasa, Bava..”

“I will send Jai in sometime. You come with me.”

Saying she pulled Vennela with her. On her way she called Arjun.

“Arjun.. I am messaging you certain things. You just get those to Vennela Jai’s suite without asking any stupid questions!”

“I ask stupid questions?”

“What you are doing now?”

“Amma Paradevathe! I will bring in sometime.”


Vennela giggled. Manasa winked and chuckled.

“Already controlling. Thindi Ramudu is in for a ride with you after marriage.”

“HE should have thought of it before getting on the gondola with me.”

Both women grinned as they reached the suite and she unlocked with Vennela’s key card. Once they settled inside and Vennela changed, Manasa made her sit on the bed and looked at her.

“Enti Manasa?”

“I will ask you a personal question. Will you try not to be offended?”

“Chi chi. Enti Manasa idi. You are family. No formalities here. Mainly not with me.”

Manasa smiled as she looked at the hand Vennela was holding.

“Did you ever think of having a family? I mean I know its only been 11 months since you both married and its too soon. But still..”

“First Bava did not want family too soon as he wanted to spend time with our family which he never knew he had. Kaani, ippudu ippude he said that may be we should..”

Vennela smiled looking down. Manasa smiled.



“Abba.. Vennela ki sigge? Arjun said you never do that.”

Manasa grinned raising her brows. Vennela slapped her shoulders and both chuckled.

“As you said I don’t have to see formalities with you, with that liberty I am going to ask you to do something.”

Vennela frowned. At that time, they heard the bell. Manasa opened and let Arjun in.

“Vennu, are you okay?”

He said placing the special ginger ale and some crackers beside her.

“I am good. Looks like traveling is not that good to me this time.”

Vennela said taking a sip of the ale, which thankfully was tasting good and making her feel better. After that she did not know, how the whole glass got empty. Arjun kept looking at her like some alien.



“You never used to like that!”

“Well now I do!”

“Arjun! Just be quiet. Be happy that she is eating something without throwing up.”

“Yeah yeah!”

“Did you get what I asked for?”

“He brought all these no?”

Vennela asked taking one big bite of the cracker.

“I asked for something else too!”



Arjun said taken a packet and stuffing it in Vennela’s hands. Vennela frowned.

“I think you should try this Vennela.”

“No.. Manasa..”


Jai came in frowning. Vennela immediately hid the Packet in the nightstand draw.

“Why is the door open?”

“Just now I came bava. Me and Manasa will leave now.”

Nodding both left. Jai sat  beside Vennela who was taking another bite of her cracker.

“Em ayindi Vennela?”

“Nothing bava.”

“You threw up again?”

“No! I am fine now. I just had allam neeru. Feeling better”

“Whatever helps you keep the food down. But Vennela. May be we should visit a doctor?”

“Vaddu. Seetha Pinni’s reports will come soon. We will see. Want some crackers?”

“Nuvu thinu Vennela.”

“You had dinner?”


He said too soon and Vennela knew.

“I can see! Bava?”

“I am just not hungry Vennela.”

He scrunched his face making her giggle.

“Yeah I can see that too. Have these. I will ask for a coffee and some snacks.”

“Just coffee.”

He said slowly making her laugh as he took one whole cracker into his mouth.

“Intha aakali untu, why did you lie.”

She said ordering him a coffee through phone line.


She shook her head chuckling. Soon coffee came with another pack of crackers that both ate by dunking in the coffee.

After Changing, Jai came and laid beside her switching off the lights.


“You are awake still?”


“Enti Vennela?”

“You said some days before.. That you would like a girl first..”

Jai turned to her and looked into her eyes in that night light.

“Yes.. It would be nice to have a girl no?”

“Hmm.. Athaiyya’s 2nd Varshabtheegam is coming..”

“I know..”

“This year you will be there to do it.”

“Nana should do it Vennela. Its his rights.”


“Sleep Vennela. Tomorrow we should start early.”

He said and kissed her on the forehead before laying on her bosom and closing his eyes putting his arm around her. Vennela turned and looked at the nightstand draw, where the packet Arjun gave lay in there. She thought she would use it once she is home in Rentachintala.


10 thoughts on “Part 26

  1. Yayy u updated😁😁😁
    Was waitingggg…
    So our vennu is having “the” symptoms haan 😉
    And she and manasa kind of suspect it
    And the other two are adorable too
    Loveddddd d updateee❤❤💟

  2. Thanks for Update,Meenu..
    It was so nice to see your Update.
    It was So Interesting.
    Vennela throw out whatever she ate.
    Jai caring for Vennela was so Nice.
    Manasa and Vennela Conversation about Babies,it was so Nice.
    Arjun concern for Vennela was so nice.
    Vennela symptoms also looking like that..
    Jai and Vennela Conversation about Jai’s Mother Varshabtheegam,it was so Nice.
    Waiting for Vennela’s reports..
    I hope everything will be fin.
    Please Continue soon.

  3. Too much baby talks going on 🤔
    Jai, Manasa and now Vennu then his mother’s Varashabthigam is also nearing that means… that means… Latha will be reborn as their daughter! V is pregnant !! 😎 Congrats Jai, you made it, you made it !! 😁👏🏼👏🏼😜
    Nice Update Meenu! Manasa and Arjun are the icing on the cake. 😎👍🏼

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