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Baahubali The Conclusion Movie review

Directed by:               S. S. Rajamouli

Production banner: ARKA Media works

Produced by:              Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni

Cast(Credited):         Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah, Rana Daggubati, Ramya Krishnan, Satyaraj, Nasser

Ratings by Me:          4/5

Rating this movie is very difficult, so diplomatically this is my overall rating.. No offense!

Baahubali the Conclusion created records even before it could come alive on screens. The trending question since this movie’s last installments released, #WKKB, Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali became world famous creating such a hype in every person who watched this movie.

So after 2 years of breaking heads with this question, here comes the answer in the form of Baahubali the Conclusion, the INDIAN PICTURE, that is creating records everywhere.

The movie starts from where it ended in the last part, Amarendra Baahubali being announced as the king and Sivagami and all the Maahishmati subject becoming happy about it. The story goes on narrating the incidents,the love, the affection, the trust, the treachery, the hunger for throne, the cunningness and at last the reason to why Amarendra Baahubali was killed  by a man who raised him. And then how his son Mahendra Baahubali comes to avenge his father’s death and keeps the words of his mother.

The film is said to be almost 3 hours long. But once you sit to watch the movie, you will never feel the length, instead you will feel like time is running fast. The movie is a visual brilliance, every single scene will pull you like magnet. Devasena steals y our heart, while Sivagami will make you feel betrayed! Bhallaladeva will get you angered while Bijjaladeva will make you feel disgusted. On the whole you will feel like you are there watching it happen. Rajamouli has woven such a magic.

Purposefully the story is not being revealed here as the suspense should be experienced.

The biggest plus point to the movie is the plot, SS Rajamouli’s story telling capacity and background score. SS Rajamouli has carved every scene and every character so well that you see the characters rather than actors. For the first half of the movie, you will have this wide smile on your face as the romance between Amarendra and Devasena is so subtle yet the chemistry fires the screen up.

M M Keeravani garu’s music elevates the plot and even the silence speaks a lot in this movie. Every song, every background score just  pulls you more to the movie. Hamsa Naava will make you smile and blush and the music is just so good. Dandaalayya will make tears run down your eyes and Saahore Baahubali will give you goosebumps. Rana’s background will give meaning to his meanness and Devasena and Sivagami’s background score will show their strength. Every single aspect in this movie is well connected to the music.

Another plus point, is the  CG and VFX. The final war sequence is so grand and  the other war sequence is also beautiful. The CG has blended well with the movie and will make you live the grandeur.

Every actor in this movie have outdone themselves and have given their everything  to it which makes this movie feel so real. No complaints on the acting skills at all. But Rana and Ramya Krishna are to be praised. Prabhas as Amarendra and Shivudu shines in his role. Anushka as Devasena comes out strong and equal to RamyaKrishnan’s role and perfect counterpart for Amarendra.

There are some scenes where the viewers will be taken completely. One such scene is the interval scene where Amarendra takes his oath. It will give you goosebumps as he marches to the throne and then the way his oath is supported by the people. Another scene is when Kattappa confronts Sivagami and Bhallaladeva openly  confesses to Sivagami. This is another scene that will leave you speechless. There are many other scenes too. But this as a crazy movie watcher, these were the scenes that moved me.

But the shock comes as the answer to WKKB. SSR’s trick of keeping plot simple will leave you open mouthed. But the plot that leads to this point is where the trick is. So again no complaints.

The movie’s 1st half concentrates on the love between the leads and the second half on drama. Where this movie feels a little incomplete is that the beautiful romance of the leads ends suddenly and vanishes like in a puff of smoke. The marriage and the babyshower and her capture by Bhallaladeva look a little rushed.

Another little feeling that keeps coming into our mind is that in the last war sequence, the actors look a little dull and slow for sometime. And also when Devasena is captured in the past and in presence, she doesnt fight, that defies the logic of her being a strong willed woman.

But otherwise the movie will never bore you despite the length and will leave you with a big smile when the good takes over the evil and you will feel more than satisfied as you come out after watching the movie.


Part 9

Vennela was struggling with her saree when she saw the reflection on the mirror and smiled. Then she immediately scowled.


“Ala nilochokapote, naaku help cheyochu ga? You can help me  you know?”


Jai smiled as he slowly walked towards her. He draped her saree as per her instructions and then stood behind her admiring his work through the mirror.  Both were dressed in nice pale blue colour, and Vennela’s saree had a shade to the blue.


“Enti Bava! Again new shirt!”

“New enti? This is old”


Vennela turned in his hold. She leaned to his ears and whispered.


“How many hours?”


Jai chuckled settling his hands on her waist.


“39 hours”

Vennela laughed holding his collar. Jai admired her laugh as there were very few times she would laugh. She would smiled, giggle, but a full fledged laugh were rare, so like him; yet not so like him.


“Bava! You know..”


“Everyone are wondering how we are always wearing matching dress. What can I tell them? That every time I get a new saree, you buy a new set for yourself?”

“Are we wearing matching dress only after marriage?”


Vennela nodded her head in no smiling. Jai let his forehead rest on hers and rubbed his nose with hers.


“And anyway.. Why do you care about all those.”

“You are not getting your legs pulled there Bava!”

“Hmm.. pedda samasye. What to do to make Vennela happy?”


He said as he moved away and stood folding his hands across his chest.




Jai smiled and took out something from his pocket and held it before Vennela. Vennela eagerly opened his palms and smiled happily.


“Bava! Pallela patti!” (Chikki/groundnut toffy)


She munched happily but frowned looking at his other closed palm. Jai held it to her smiling. Vennela opened that palm to see a small mango.


“Bava, maavidikaya”


Jai just smiled as she enjoyed her treat. Suddenly she stopped and looked at him biting her tongue.


“I forgot”


Saying she forwarded her half eaten treats to him. Jai chuckled. He bit a piece of the treats from her hands sending a shiver down her spine.




She tried to warn him. But he just smiled closing in on her.





Now they both were very close that their breaths mingled.


“Chala late avutondi Bangaram”


“We have to leave”


She frowned.


“To meet your savati”
Vennela scowled and bit his nose which were very close to her at that moment. He yelled and then laughed loud pulling her in his arms. Though she struggled at the beginning, she gave up and enclosed him in her arms.

Part 8

Vennela lay on the bed thinking about how he kept tabs on her. But she smiled as she knew that even though he was far from them, he was always closer.

Jai who came outside running, went to the terrace and looked at the afternoon sun. Sun was burning just the way he was burning in the recent past. He could still remember, the moment his father said that he would not have let him to be born at all. All these years after growing up without a father and suddenly  getting a father and also losing him along with his mother burnt him down completely.

Jai could still feel his tears, when he walked out of his home and then out his town Rentachintala. All the people were following his steps. But he wanted to follow his father. So he asked them to return placing stone in his heart. But at that time what he did not understand was that, though he had started following his father, others had started following him.

He went to Milan wanting to forget everything. But what he saw there brought him back to Palnadu. He met Manasa and after inquiring about her, he knew that her family was also suffering from the feud. He tried to cheer her up. But she was by then into her shell accepting the fate.

He remembered his father, and his philosophy to love others. And there started his plan to change everything to stop the feud. He started this, so how would end it too.

At that moment, his mobile rang. Smiling, he picked the call.



“Hello jai.”

“HOw are you?”

“I am fine.”


“I want to meet you Jai!”


“Yes. There is something important.”

“Oh.. okay”

“And I want you to come with Vennela”


“Yes! I want to see the lucky woman once”


Jai chuckled.


“Come here! To our home”


Jai said ok and cut the call and turned to see his father standing there.


“Enti Jai? Standing in sun?”

“Em ledu Nana. Was just..”

“I know. What I did was..”

“For my good. I dont have any hard feelings nana. Its better if you forget them too”


At that moment, Vennela who was standing near the threshold was about to come to them only to slip as her ankle did not give her much space. Within moments she was in the hold of both her father in law and her husband. She looked at both of them smiling.


“Em ledu. I am fine”

“Who asked you to come here?”

“I am fine Mavaiyya”



Vennela looked at Jai who had this admonishing glare. She glared back as both of them brought her to the sofa in the mezzanine balcony and made her sit.

Deva went down as Jai asked him to rest. Vennela sat there with her hands crossed across her front and turned her face. Smiling Jai sat next to her.


“Aligava? Are you angry with me?”

“You are yet to tell me about that girl!”



“She is just another Jai or another Vennela! She was in the same situation as we were due to the feud.”

“Who is she to you?”

“No one! My friend’s sister! No one else Vennela”




Chuckling happily  she hugged him placing her head on his shoulders. HE too put his arms around her. But suddenly with a very serious expression, he said..


“Vennela! She has invited us to her home!”


“Her family is still thinking me as eligible bachelor may be?”
Vennela looked up at him scowling and hit him hard behind his head making him laugh happily and hug her tight.

Hamsa Naava Song-Baahubali the Conclusion Lyrics Meaning

Song: Hamsa Naava
Movie: Baahubali 2 The Conclusion
Cast: Prabhas, Anushka, Rana, Tamannaah
Singer: Sony, Deepu
Music: M.M. Keeravaani
Lyrics: Chaithanya Prasad
Meaning by me ;P as per my knowledge about the language

Orrori raaja veeradhi veera
Orrori raaja veeradhi veera
Neethone nenu undipona
Endhaka nuvvu vellali anna
Andhaka nennu kooda raana

Oh Oh my king, the mightiest of all
Let me stay with you
Wherever, however long you go,
Let me come with you..

Haayaina hamsa naavalona
Neegali sokuthunte paina
Mecchindhile devasena

In the pleasurable Swan boat
As I inhale the breeze that touched you
Devasena feels so pleased
(or Devasena is speechless
As mechindile  also means Speechless)

Nennee (nenu+nee) yedhapai
Vishaala veera bhoomipai

Let me stay in your
Vast mighty land like chest

Nennee valapai
Varala maalikai vaalana

Let me adorn your curves
as a chain(Varala maalika= coins necklace)

Neelo ragile
Parakramaala jwaalanai hasinchanaa

I smile as I become the heat of the mighty fire
that burns in you

Ninne geliche
Sukhaala kheliloo thelanaa

Shall I float in the pleasure
of winning you

Oho ho..
Ekantha kantha mandhirana
Oho ho..
Nee moha bahu bhandhanana
Noorellu bhandhini kaana

Oh.. In the well lit lonely castle
(or In the lonely castle of the beauty.. because  Kantha means beautiful woman too)
Oh.. In the pleasurable prison of your arms
Let me become the prisoner for a hundred years

Orrori raja.. orrori raja
Veeradhi veera
Neethone nenu undipona
Endhaka nuvvu vellali anna
Andhaka nenu kooda raana

Haayaina hamsa naavalona
Neegali soluthunte paina
Mecchindhile devasena

Saahore Baahubali Song Lyrics meaning

Song: Saahore Bahubali
Movie: Baahubali 2 The Conclusion
Music: MM Keeravani
Singer: Daler Mehendi, MM Keeravani, Mounima
Lyrics: K.Shivashakthi Datta, Dr. K. Ramakrishna
Translation by me ;P based on my knowledge on the language


Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali
Saahore Bahubali
Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali
Saahore Bahubali

Hail, Hail, all Hail
Glory be to Baahubali!

Jayaharathi neeke pattali pattali
Bhuvanalanni jai kottali
Gaganale chhathram pattali

We offer you the Aarthi of victory to you
All The worlds should rejoice
as the skies become your shield(umbrella)

Heysa rudhrassa
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x4)

 Hey shiva, the fierce one,
the one who protects us, with kind heart as big as ocean,

Aa janani dheeksha achalam
Ee koduke kavacham

This son is the shield
of your unwavering faith(piety)

Ippuda ammaki ammavainandhuka
Pulakarinchindhigaa ee kshanam

Now for becoming a mother to your mother(protector)
This moment has turned to be of overflowing happiness

Adavulu guttal mittal gaminchu
Pidikita pidugul patti minchu
Arikula vargaal dhurgaal jayinchu
Avaniki swargaale dhinchu

conquer the forests, sand lands and mountains(hills),
and capture the thunderbolts(storms) in your fists as you move forward
win over the fierce armies
bring down the heaven to earth.

Antha maha baludainaa
Amma vodi pasivaade
Shivudainaa bhavudaina
Ammaki saati kadhantade

though he is the mighty one,
he is just an infant to his mother
Fierce lord shiva or a mere mortal human
no one comes at par to a mother

Heysa rudhrassa
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x2)

Heysa rudhrassa (x2)
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x2)

Heysa rudhrassa
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x5)

Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali
Sahore Baahubali
Jayaharathi neeke pattali pattali (x2)

Bhuvanalani jai kottali
Gaganale chathram pattali

Dandaalayya Song Lyrics meaning

Lyrics : MM Keeravani
Director : SS Rajamouli

Translation by me ;P
Please if there is any mistake dont mind to let me know..
This translation is based on my knowledge in the Telugu knowledge.. 

Padamara kondallo
Vaalina sooreeda
Pagilina kotalane
Vadhilina maaredaa (x2)

The sun who set in the  west hills
The one who left the broken castle

Thadisina kannullo
Malli udayinchi
Kalalo devudila
Kaapai untava
Nee adugulake madugulu
Votthe vallam nuvvante
Praanam icche vallam memayya

Oh will you please raise from our wet eyes
and become the god in our dreams and be our savior
(Kaapai untava has another meaning..
Like.. being farmer..  So I am not sure)
We are the ones who worship your feet
and give our lives for you

Dandaalayya dandalayyaa
Maathone nuvvundaalayyaa
Dandaalayyaa dandalayya
Maathone nuvvundaalayyaa

Take our bows oh great
Please stay with us

Thamanele raajunu mose
Bhagyam kaligindanukuntu
Ee bandala gundelu pongi
Pandaga aipodha

Wont these stony hearts
overflow with happiness
on being blessed to bear
king who rules us

Thanu chindinche
Chematanu thadise
Punyam dhorikindhanukuntu
Pulakinchina ee nelantha
Pacchaga aipoda

Wont these lands come to life
on getting the blessing
to get wet in his sweat 

Nee maate ma maatayya
Nee choope shaasanamayya
Maa raju nuvve thandri nuvve
Kodukku nuvve
Maa aayuvu kuda needhayya

Your word is our word
your one glance is our edict(law)
you are our king, our father, our son..
Our longlife is also yours oh king

Dandaalayyaa dandalayya
Maarajai nuvvundaalayyaa
Dandaalayyaa dandalayya
Maarajai nuvvundaalayyaa

take our bows oh our king
you please remain as our king..

Part 7


Vennela’s father was like, OH and her mother was like HA!

But Deva came to them and kept his head on Vennela’s head.


“Happy birthday Vennela. Sorry we forgot.”

“Thanks Mavaiyya”


Vennela’s mother too came to her and did drushti and held her chin.


“Nee puttina roju marchi poyanae. I forgot this day. Sorry. Happy birthday!”


Vennela just sniffed.




Her father was his usual self.


“Ee thingardani puttina roju kada! Today is this crazy’s birthday.”


He hit her on her head. Vennela pouted. Jai’s hold around her shoulder grew tight.


“What is this Bava?”


Deva admonished him.


“Meeru mari. You are spoiling her worst Bava”


Vennela’s father complained.

“Its ok Mavaiyya. You all took care of me even when I was not here. She took care of you all even when no one noticed her. Now that I am here, I should take care of her  every small wish kada?”


That’s when everyone understood how much they have ignored her. They all celebrated a person who was not at all there, but never cared to even get to know the birthday of a girl who was there around them.



“Mavaiyya! Your son is crazy. Don’t listen to him. Here have this payasam”


She was about to feed him when he stopped her.


“I just had”

“Not from me right?”


And he could not argue. He could never argue with her. She always managed to make him bend to her. And he was only happy to.


Jai came and stood beside her smiling seeing her going around giving Payasam to everyone. When she came to him, he took a spoon and pressed it to her lips. Her eyes went around consciously. But by then Babayi and Deva managed to drive everyone out. Jai’s smile grew.

Vennela opened her mouth taking in the spoonful sweet.

She scowled at him as she put a spoonful in his mouth which he took smiling.


“Happy birthday.”


SHe just went and kept the  utensil on the table and came back to him.


“Chala late ayindi Bangaram. Sorry”


She scowled and hit him behind his head. He laughed as he put his hand around her back, other behind her knees and carried her to their room. And she just looked on at her husband. Her eyes were the proof for the love she had for him.

Once he safely deposited her on their bed, he went to bring her pain killers. He stood as she swallowed the medicines.


“And Vennela! I knew that you were all right and you were not going to nod your head to anyone shown by our family.”


Vennela frowned at him in question.


“Because I had Nagulu keep tab on you”


Vennela’s face grew hot in anger. She took whatever her hand could grab and threw it at him. Good thing it was a pillow that hit him square on his head making him chuckle and run out.
Vennela grunted.