Part 27

Jai was standing with his father in front of the human size photo frame in which his mother’s smile was captured forever. Beside that pic was another pic another smiling woman with her husband beside, in front of which Arjun stood. Kamala Athaiyya and Gajapathy Mavaiyya, who lost their lives to the feud leaving a very young Arjun to the fate. Jai could so understand what Arjun was feeling. After all he was orphaned too after Deva threw him out on the day of his mother’s funeral. This very day 2 years back.


Jai turned to his father. A man who lost his world because of him.


He turned to Adi and Lalli, people who thought of him as son but he did not respect their love in front of his pain.

“Past is past. A lot happened in last few years. But Jai, you.. And only because of you, today we are seeing this day where instead of killing each other, we are getting into a beautiful relationship.”

Deva  said looking at Naagireddy and Shiva Reddy who nodded their heads.

“And Arjun.. I know it was painful for you to stay here anymore. But I am so proud of what you have made of yourself Nanna. And I am so happy that if Jai went on bringing peace, you walked in his path tying both a villages permanently.”

Adi and Deva looked at each other smiling.

“So enough of moping. I think its time we started putting the guilt behind us and remember the happy moments of past and make more happy and beautiful moments for us to cherish in future.”

Vennela smiled as she saw Jai look up at his father and then run into his arms. Father and son deserved this peace. Then she turned and saw Arjun in Adi and Lalli’s arms. They deserved this happiness too. But.. Vennela looked at her flat abdomen and sighed. May be they still had time. It was time for Varshabtheegam Bhojanam. Vennela served everyone and then went to clean the dishes. When she came back, she saw Jai missing. She frowned.

“Vennela? You saw Arjun?”

“Ledu Manasa. Even Bava is missing.”

Both frowned. Suddenly both looked at each other and rushed to the one place they knew that could give solace to the boys. The Rocks. And they were right. They found both of them standing there, with their arms crossed on their fronts.

“We both lost a lot Arjun.”

“Telusu Bava. But that shouldn’t stop us..”

“From making our future. Can we forget them and move on?”

Arjun smiled.

“You know Vennu.. She can talk non stop, rile you up like mad. But behind all those she is a person who will do anything to keep you happy.”

“I know.. I also know that you can make Manasa forget the pain of all that happened to her family..”

“So I think we can move on very well..”

“You should have been a shrink Arjun..”

“I am mad enough.. I dont want to see other cracked cases Bava. So I am better as Neuro Surgeon.”

Jai Chuckled.

“I so pity Manasa.”

“Don’t! She is no less.”


Frowning both turned to see Manasa standing there breathing fire through nose like a dragon with her hands on her hips.


Arjun said and turned to Jai who raised his hands.

“Sorry! Not a person to interfere in Husband wife matters.”

“Orei Paapishti Bava!”

Saying he ran down the rocks with Manasa chasing him with all the kolaveri. Vennela and Jai laughed. Jai slowly pulled her close to him and snaked his arm around her. She looked up at him, both their eyes shining with mirth.

“These both are worse than kids Bava.”

“As if you are any adult!”

She scowled and jabbed him on his tummy.


“Come on Vennela. Not fair.”

“Not fair indeed. Calling your wife a kid.”

“No! Hitting your husband.”


“Relax Vennela. Did you make the report on the event?”


Jai scowled at her.

“Its been a week since the even Vennela. We need to upload the report.”

“Yeah yeah! I will do today. Just got a little busy with Athaiyya’s..”

“Its okay! And how are you feeling? Today morning you sat holding your head.”

Vennela looked up at him. He looked down at her and smiled.

“Yem ayindi Vennela?”

“Bava Oka vishayam..”


“Come with me..”

Saying Vennela pulled him holding his hand and both walked to their home and straight to their room.

“Vennela? Enti?”

He asked confused as she made him sit on their bed and went to the cupboard and ferreted something out.


She said coming to him holding a packet. He frowned at it.

“Seeing all my being tired and throwing up, Manasa and Arjun suggested me to use it. But I did not want to raise my hopes or get too excited and then, we kind of got busy.”

“What is it Vennela?”

“Home Pregnancy Kit”


“Calm down Bava. But just on a gut feeling, I am going to use this. Whatever the result is.. You will not get upset right?”

Jai got up and held her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“Vennela.. You know me. And its not like this is the only chance.. But if you feel this will give you peace, go on. But  the result will not change anything in me for you..”

Taking a deep breath, Vennela took the packet to the bathroom. Jai was pacing the room dimensions rubbing his palms, biting his nails. That one minute proved to be eons for him.

Slowly he turned hearing the bathroom door. Vennela came out slowly and forwarded the stick to him. He looked up in confusion.

“Two lines means Positive. Single line is negative. You check it.”

Saying Vennela held his hands as he took the stick and looked into the window. First there was nothing there he could understand. But slowly he saw one faint pink line and waited for another line. But.. NO!

Jai turned to her as she looked up and frowned.



12 thoughts on “Part 27

  1. Thanks for Update,Meenu..
    It was so interesting Part.
    The way everyone want to forget Past to move on,it was so Nice.
    Jai and Arjun wanted to be Strong,it was so Nice.
    Manasa angry on Arjun was so Cute.
    Manasa chasing Arjun and Jai,Vennela enjoyed this,it was so Cute.
    The way Jai said to Vennela that whatever results there will no change in him,it was so was so Nice.
    The Result is Negative,it was so sad.
    I hope everything will be fine.
    Please Continue soon.

  2. I think they should wait for some time more for the strip to show another line if it still doesn’t, pass me the strip I’ll go and yell at the pharmacist or grasp the collar of the manufacturer bang his head on the wall for producing useless strips.😡 Or maybe the test isn’t accurate. 🤔I think Arjun is holding on to her test reports that will show Vennu is pregnant. Jai’s efforts won’t be in vain I know. How hard he would have worked. Hard work pays off. He will soon hold the fruit of his efforts in his arms. 😎

  3. Loved the update
    So finally the boys got some peace and closure on the past
    Arjun and manasa are so adorable
    They willget the news they just have to wait

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