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Part 14

Jai was about to move to get Vennela the bowl of Payasam when Arjun already arrived with a bowl which Vennela took smiling.


“Still have the habit of drinking the payasam from the bowl like Bakasura?”


Arjun asked smiling. Vennela giggled. Jai glared. With every passing moment this Arjun was proving to be a pain. He gotta  know who this clown was.

But then he saw Vennela enjoying her Payasam. Jai found her so cute at that moment. She was like a kid given candy enjoying her payasam. His wife did not want anything big. She enjoyed and cherished small small things, like this payasam, the chikki, raw mangoes and him. He thought with a smile.

His eyes went to her lips where he found a rice flake stuck with a drop of milk of payasam and his thoughts went crazy. He saw her stealing glancing at him and his thoughts went more crazy. Vennela saw this and smirked secretly and eyed Manasa who stifled her giggle.

Jai had had enough. He bent down and wiped away the naughty drop of payasam not minding the spectators. And his fingers did not forget to brush the corner of her lips making her shiver.




She whispered.


“Once we are home..”


He promised and her face caught a pink hue making Jai smirk. At that moment, he heard others clearing their throat and moved away embarrassed.




And his embarrassment turned into irritation. He turned to see Poorna and Manasa raising their eye brows. And he saw Arjun staring at them.


“Payasam was stuck to her lip”


He explained as he sat beside her. He could see Manasa nodding her head.


“Memu em adagaledappa”


He heard Naagireddy garu comment and his wife giggle.


“Manasa, where are your parents?”


He asked as he remembered Manasa’s paralysed father and a very devoted mother. Every face there changed including Arjun’s.

Manasa smiled.


“They have gone for Nana’s treatment to London Jai.”

“How is he?”


Vennela asked as she remembered the particular incident where Manasa’s father lost sense of most of his body. Manasa smiled


“He is fine Vennela! He is getting better.”


Jai smiled thinking about Manasa’s father curing.


“Manasa! A little more payasam”

“Bava! I want more Payasam”


Both asked at same time and laughed out at their glutton self. Jai served her the Payasam. And Manasa served Arjun and also Jai.


“Manasa! You have magic in your hands girl. The Payasam is so tasty”


Arjun said as he licked the last drop from his bowl. Vennela nodded her head.


“True! Otherwise, satisfying this Ghatotkachudu in matter of food is really difficult.”


Manasa giggled and nodded blushing which went unnoticed by Jai who was so busy looking at Vennela. Naagireddy garu’s wife, who saw this nudged poorna who in turn nudged Arjun. He smirked.


“Vennela! You remember? When we used to hide behind bushes and..”


Jai coughed and looked at Arjun and Vennela.


“Hide behind bushes?”


He asked scandalised. Vennela smiled.




She said adding ghee to his fire. Manasa saw that Jai is at saturation point.


“Enough of talks han Arjun! And enough of Payasam”

“Avunappa! Lets have dinner.”

“Mavaiyya! Meeru cheppinde aalasyam! I have been holding myself!”

“I have been wondering about the same! Nuvu ela Aageva ani”

“Pratap garu!”

“Aan! I am shutting up!”


Jai smiled. The  dinner was served. And when Manasa was about to serve Vennela with Thotakura pappu, Jai became alert. She hated that.


“Manasa, don’t even take that bowl to Vennela’s side! She hates it”


He  heard Arjun say. He was about to say something when he felt Vennela’s hand on his thigh. His eyes widened. He turned to look at Vennela who was very busily eating. He gulped.


“Bava! Pass me the vempudu”


She said stretching her hand across him. His thoughts went crazy as he got her the bowl. She smiled at him and went about eating. Then she turned to him frowning.




“Why aren’t you eating?”


That’s when he remembered that he had a morsel of food near his mouth which he never took in. SHaking his head he started eating.


“Arey  Vennela! When you eat his share too, what will he do papam?”


And Jai glared at Arjun. Manasa hit Arjun’s shoulder saying SHH!


“Endappa Arjun! Nuvu matram takuventi? You are no less”


“Avunu Takuventi? Anni ekuve! Poduvununchi, anni ekuve”



Pratap ate silently on Naagireddy garu’s warning.


“Pratap garu, for that height only I have many fans you know? OW! Manasa”


Vennela  Giggled as she saw Manasa giving a hit behind Arjun’s head. Jai who was busy answering Naagireddy’s wife saw this too and smiled.

This way, with little smiles and little teasing and little jealous, the dinner got over.

Jai went over to Naagireddy garu and took his blessings along with Vennela.


“Challaga undappa!”

“Untamu sir”

“You will have to return here again Jai”


Jai turned to see Manasa coming there with her pedamma who had so many gifts.


“Entandi idanta?”


Vennela asked embarrassed as Naagireddy garu’s wife gave them gifts.


“All these are tradition Ammayi!”


Vennela looked at Jai who smiled his usual way. Vennela took the elderly couple’s blessings. Vennela went with Manasa and Jai with Poorna.


“Manasa! You love Arjun?”


Vennela came straight to the point. Manasa who knew Vennela from the way Jai described her, was not surprised.



“Good! He is really nice guy! Arjun chala manchodu”

“Yeah he is! He is a doctor now by the way”

“Doesnt surprise me”


She narrated how Arjun always wanted to become a doctor. Manasa smiled knowing a little more about her man.


“And! Be careful! He is a thindiramudu!”

“I know! I still don’t understand how he can eat so much and stay that way”

“Its all in wife’s hands you know”


Vennela winked and both girls giggled.


“Jai! This Pratap garu is doing too much”

“What did he do?”

“Arey he is coming in between me and Moulika!”


Jai smiled.


“She is his maradalu Poorna. He is protective”

“Do something Jai! Convince him to get us married!”

“Poorna! Enjoy this time man! After Manasa’s marriage you can settle down”

“Not very far”


Poorna mumbled and Jai widened his eyes. Arjun who came there at the moment wanted to slap his brother in law!


Kanna Nidurinchara song lyrics meaning

Song: Kanna Nidurinchara
Movie: Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion (2017)
Singer(s): Sreenidhi, V Srisoumya
Music : M M Keeravaani
Lyricist(s): M M Keeravaani
Translation by me ;P based on my knowledge on the language

Muripaala Mukundaa…
Oh lovely mukunda

Saradaala Sanandaa…
Oh playful Krishna
(Sananda- the one who gives joy always 
here means Krishna)

Muripaala Mukundaa
Saradaala Sanandaa
Muripaala Mukundaa
Saradaala Sanandaa
Poda Podalona Daagudu Moothalaapara
Now enough of playing hide and seek in the shrubs

Yada Yadalona Nartinchindi Chaalura
enough of dancing in each and every heart
Alasata Ninu Kori Niluchundira
Tiredness is waiting for you

Kanna Nidurinchara
Oh Kanna sleep!
(Kanna is a word used to describe lord Krishna
But also used to address someone dear to us
Here it is Amarendra Baahubali)

Naa Kanna Nidurinchara
Oh my Kanna please sleep!

Chitikena Veluni Kondanu Mosina
The one who raised the Govardhan giri on his little finger

Kannaa Nidurinchara Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara
Kanna sleep! Oh my Kanna please sleep!!

Chilikina Challala Kondalu Dochina
The one who stole pots of butter

Kanna Nidurinchara Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara
Kanna Sleep! Oh My Kanna please sleep!!

Kanna Nidurinchara Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara

Gopela Valuvalatho Chelagi Alasevemo
Gomuga Sayaninchu
May be you are tired playing with Gopikas, sleep my dear

Ungili Vennelakai Urike Ubalatamuke
Oorata Kaliginchu
Rest those hands/fingers of yours that are filled with butter


Chalu Chalu Nee Atamatalu
Now enough of your games

Pavalinchaka Teeravu Alasatalu
Unless you sleep, you will not feel fresh

Virise Madilo Viriseyyalu
Flower filled in our hearts are waiting for you

Kanna Nidurinchara Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara
Kanna Nidurinchara Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara
Nera Nera Chupulake Karigi Kadili Neekai
With your looks, I melted and came running

Bira Bira Vachitine
Quickly for you

Tadi Tadi Kannulatho Neepai Vaali Soli
With tears filled eyes, I laid myself on you

Tamakamu Telipitine
And expressed my feelings/passion


Naa mathi Maali Dooshamu Jarige
Due to my stubbornness, this mistake happened

Oo Vanamaali Yeddu Ninnu Podiche
Oh vanamali, the bull hit you
(Vanamali is another name or Lord Krishna, which means 

The one who wears a garland or wild flowers
or the one who controls and balances the five elements of nature
Here it means Amarendra Baahubali)

Paapam Antha Naadenuraa
the mistake is all mine

Kanna Nidurinchara
Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara
Kanna Nidurinchara
Naa Kannaa Nidurinchara

Muripaala Mukundaa
Saradaala Sanandaa
Muripaala Mukundaa
Saradaala Sanandaa
Madana Madhusoodhanaa
Manohara Manmohanaa
Madana Madhusoodhanaa
Manohara Manmohanaa

Muripaala Mukundaa
Saradaala Sanandaa
Aananda Aniruddhaa
Aananda Aniruddhaa

Kanna Kanna Kanna..
Krishnaa Radhaa Ramanaa
Kannaa Nidurinchara

Part 13

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Vennela looked at Jai and stifled her giggle. SHe raised her brow asking WHAT?

“Who is he?”

“I said right Arjun ani”

“Yes! And I am George Washington!”

“Who is that?”

Vennela asked scrunching her brow. Jai could not help but smile. Manasa giggled openly. But that clown was laughing so loud!

“HAHAHA! Vennu you haven’t changed a bit. You have just grown a few inches high”

Arjun said. Jai was fuming. For a change Vennela was enjoying this. She eyed Manasa who nodded her head.


“Manasa!  What is he doing here?”

“Jai relax”



And Jai had had enough.

“Hello Mr.! Her name is Vennela! Ee Vennu donnu vere ekkadaina velli vaagu!”

Arjun was taken aback. He looked at Vennela who was actually laughing at him getting scolded. Why not, that was her favorite timepass after all.

He scowled.

“Hey Mr. Gymbody! You are new here. I know Vennu since she was in langa  oni. So vellalsindi nenu kaadu nuvu”

“Innellu ga oka lakka ipudnunchi oka lekka! I am her husband”

“Eppudu lekka okate boss! I am her..”

Jai waited for the revelation. Vennela signalled Manasa who interrupted.

“Guys! Calm down.”

Jai cursed.

“Arjun! You  said you are hungry right. Come. Lets have dinner. And today is double special after all”


Arjun yelled. Jai closed his ears with his finger and made a face. Vennela giggled.

“Quit shouting Arjun”

Vennela silently said a thanks. And the youngsters moved to the table and called for others.

“Enti? Inta aalasyam? Were you playing antakshari? I heard loud noises outside!”

“We were playing each one punch dialogue pratap garu!”

“Abbo! Veedu baga muduru”

Just then Poorna entered hanging his phone and smiled at Arjun who also grinned in return.

“Hey Poorna! Still stuck to your phone eh? Pratap garu! You still letting him do that?”

“What is there for me to let him do?”

“You can get him engaged!”

“Already my phone lines are engaged only!”

Arjun and Jai shook his head at Pratap and his antics. Poorna hugged Arjun.

“You said you will be here by 5 30?”

“What to do? I saw some village belles on the way and stopped looking at those beauties and chatting with them and got late!”

Jai wanted to bang his head somewhere. Suddenly Arjun yelled.


Jai turned to see Manasa hitting him and Jai felt a little happy.

“Sorry Manasa! Being in Venice for all this time, I miss India!”

“Vaari nee! Arjun you were in Venice?”

And there goes Vennela again. He glared at Manasa who smiled.

“Vennela. Arjun! Enough! Come lets have dinner. Your favorite..”


Urrhh! This Arjun and Vennela!

“Yes! Come.”

Poorna gave Jai a very Acho Paapam glance. Pratap garu looked at him with an ABBO glance. But Jai was giving Arjun a Mirchi glare!

Part 12


“Vennela Naagineni?!”


Jai heard the voice.

Image result for rana in leader

“Arjun Ramnath Dondapati?”


He turned to Vennela who was smiling that BIG smile of hers. Who was this Arjun? He turned to see Manasa who was as confused as him. He saw that tall man walk fast and take Vennela in a very warm sweet hug. He did not know what got into him.

Then he saw Vennela too take him in a bear hug smiling and that did. Jai saw red.

Slowly he went to her and put his arm around her.


“Uppuluri Vennela Jai Deva Raju”


He said, taking Vennela by surprise. Manasa who understood the play here, giggled.


“Vaari ne! One more has come! Inkem? Vaadukondi ra! Baga Aadukondi!”


Jai glared at Pratap!  


“Amma Vennela? You know him already?”


Naagireddy garu asked. Arjun jumped at the question.


“Telusa na? I know Vennela since I don’t know when”

“And I can’t believe you just took off from Iragavaram all of a sudden. Cheppi vellali ana budhhi lede? Can’t you inform me once before leaving?”




This time Arjun turned to Pratap and smiled.


“Hello Veerapratap garu!”


“Still looking the same since I last saw you.”

“You saw me only a month back!”

“And look at me, I have grown thin without homefood.”

“Dheeniki inta build up avasarama? So much build up for food?”

“Still running behind food Arjun? Seriously? Asalu maralede nu!”

“Legends don’t change Vennu”


And Jai had had enough! He pulled Vennela along with him and made her sit on the chair in the dining area leaving behind others.


“You are supposed to rest your ankles and feet”


Arjun tagged along with them a little behind giving them space and Manasa and others tagged along with him enjoying the scene unfolding.


Vennela smiled thinking of Jai and his actions. Sitting with his help, she settled down and held his hand as he was about to move away.




“Em ayindi Bava? Why are you so angry?”

“I am not angry Vennela”



She asked looking at him as if she has caught him in mischief. He tried stifling his smile at the cute smile of hers.


“Bava! He is Arjun!”




And Jai breathed fire. Vennela stifled her giggle. Arjun was rushing to them.


“Vennu what happened to your foot?”


He frowned. Vennela blushed thinking of the injury and the situation. Jai too smiled but again became stern looking at Arjun.



“Nothing Arjun! I am fine. Its been more than a week since this.”

“When will you learn to walk properly woman? You have always been a menace”


At this point Jai cleared his throat. Arjun frowned.


“Vennu! Who is this gym body?”


And Vennela and Manasa lost their fight. They both laughed out loud making both the men glare at them.




Jai looked down at himself. He looked like perfect gentleman. Tucked in shirt, pale pant, neatly combed hair. And that clown calls him gym body?




Vennela called him shaking her head.


“Bava na? Vennu?”

“Arjun! He is my husband. Pedda Mavaiyya’s son”


Arjun’s eyes went wide.


“Uppuluri Deva Raju’s son? The one who was with his mother in hyderabad? Uppuluri Jai Deva Raju?”

“The same”



Vennela giggling nodded her head.


“And you forgot your promise to me”


Jai glared at the scene unfolding. Why was Vennela promising this clown fellow? And how come this idiot knew about him?

Part 11

Jai who was trying hard to get out of Manasa’s hold yelled in pain.




Reddy garu, his wife and Poorna chuckled seeing what had happened.




He said hurriedly pulling apart from Manasa. Vennela kept looking at him with her reddened eyes and equally reddened face. Jai had this look that he usually gave when he is caught by others romancing with Vennela which only made Vennela Fume more!




She curled her arm around his and pulled him closer. Jai smiled down looking at her.


“Vennela. Manasa! Manasa.. Vennela!”


Jai introduced. He could see the redness reaching notch as soon as he saw Manasa smiling at him and then at Vennela..


“Adi.. Vennela..”


“Hey.. you are Vennela?”


Manasa jumped in. Jai wanted to bang his head somewhere. Last time he saw, Manasa was this shy silent girl. How come she is suddenly so chirpy he did not understand. At that time he  heard Vennela’s strained voice.


“Yes. I am Vennela. Vennela Jai Deva Raju!”


Jai was for a moment taken aback at the intensity with which she said her full name. Even he never uses his full name and nor does his father. But suddenly the way she held him and the way she spoke, made him feel so special realizing her jealousy. He smiled.

Vennela who understood his smile, tightened her hold on him.

Manasa for a moment looked shocked. But she smiled again holding Vennela’s hands.


“Really! I understood the moment I saw you. When Jai told me about you, I expected you to be someone so special. Now I understand why Jai could not even think of anyone else.”


Vennela looked up at Jai who smiled shyly and looked away. Vennela looked at Manasa and smiled wide nodding her head.


“Artham chesuko mundu, chance bale vadukundi le! Before she understood, she used up her chance well”


Jai and Poorna glared at Pratap silencing him. Vennela looked at smiling Manasa and controlled herself. She knew her bava would never leave her. But still..

By then Manasa had pulled Vennela to the parapet leaving other’s behind. Jai was cool outside. But inside he was so tensed at what would Manasa tell Vennela. He knew Vennela loved him so much. But still..


“You know Vennela, I met Jai in Milan when I was at the end of my MS. He showed me that life could be beautiful and made me forget that I had to return back home where there is so much bloodshed, my family being center of it, my mother with that dead face, my father with dead senses.. But Jai helped me forget all those. Then when he came here, I felt like he would keep me happy forever.”


Now Vennela was literally shaking. She has heard her Atha, Latha say that wherever Jai goes, girl used to follow him like Bee behind honey. And now she was actually seeing that dreamy look in Manasa’s eyes. But then she noticed that look vanishing. Vennela frowned.

Manasa smiled. She held Vennela’s hands.


“Kani apudiki nuvu thana manasulo unnav ani telusuko leka poyanu. You know he never even saw me in any other way that could suggest otherwise. I am one crazy who understood his genuinity for love. He wanted happiness for this family which could be extended to yours and also both the villages. Jai is such a gentleman”


Vennela smiled understanding Manasa’s position. She had been in that place too. She was so afraid for her family that she never wanted to marry and leave her family as she was scared that any moment they might vanish and she could not leave them as such. And blame her parents who were looking for AMERICA SAMBANDHAM for her!




Vennela’s  train of thoughts broke at Manasa’s call.



“Are you worried about whatever I did downstairs sometime back?”


Vennela shrugged showing that she was nonchalant. But Manasa was not stupid. She smiled.


“Don’t worry Vennela. Jai is my  good friend who gave me my family and life back. And there is an important reason for which I invited you and Jai home tonight.”


Vennela frowned. Did she know that today was her birthday?


“Apart from today being your birthday.. There is something else too Vennela.”


“Enti adi Manasa? What is it?”


Manasas smiled understanding that Vennela has accepted her. She remembered Jai telling how simple and easy going Vennela was. She saw how true he was today.


“You will know. Now look at your husband looking at us with so much tension.”


Vennela and Manasa giggled. They both came back to the family living room where everyone were  waiting for them. Manasa helped  Vennela walk and once down, Jai held her and made her sit.


“Entamma Manasa! Where did you disappear amma? Jai has been looking around for his wife!”

“Enti Pedanana! He has been hiding her from me for 8 months now. We also have a lot to talk kada?”


Jai looked away and Vennela stifled her giggle looking at her husband being embarrassed.


“Padha amma! Let us get everything ready. Abba Jai.. If you would like, go around with ammayi for sometime and come back.”


Jai smiled at the way the elder man was giving them privacy.


“Enti Pratapam! You are still standing there? Come and help with work!”


Pratap garu looked as if he would blast any moment. Poorna just tapped Jai’s back and went inside with his father and pulled Pratap along. Jai went outside and helped Vennela walk around the place. They came back to the haystack and were about to move out to the fields.  

Vennela walked as she enjoyed the place in night light and also the warmth of her husband’s arm around her. Suddenly Jai saw a flash of white and next moment he was in arms of another girl. But this time Vennela saw Jai’s genuine smile as he pulled the girl and looked at her.


“Hey? Chaduvu ela vundenti? How is your studies going?”

“I am so happy annaiya! I topped this district this year”


He turned to Vennela and said.


“I told right! One intelligent girl, who is studying with help of Naagireddy garu”


Vennela nodded her head at the girl who smiled back.

“Thanks Annaiya! Come home once Annaiya. Amma Ayya will be happy to see you. And also bring Vadinamma along.”


Both smiled as the girl went back inside to work. Jai was happy to see the lives changing for good.

Suddenly Jai felt Vennela’s palms on his cheeks. He turned and look at her and smiled. She too smiled proudly.

His eyes questioned her. Unable to take the naughty glance of her husband, Vennela’s eyes looked down as her cheeks glowed in rose hue in that moonlight making Jai go crazy. Her lips, that smile. The temptation was too much. He slowly leaned in and his lips touched hers. Vennela was just at the threshold of losing herself in that touch when they heard Poorna’s yell.




Jai pulled apart and looked down. Vennela refused to look up. But Jai saw how her face was glowing. Smiling at his talent he held her shoulders and walked inside the house. Before going inside..



“Enti bava?”


She asked.


“Manasa Em chepindi? What did  she tell you?”


Vennela grinned at him. He frowned.


“A lot!”

“Lot what?”

“Why do you care Bava?”



He asked changing his tone. But she was Vennela!


“May be she told me about all that you did in Milan for her?”




Now Jai was going mad. He was about to tell something when Manasa came there.


“Jai! Vennela! You both are here? Come inside. There is a surprise.”


Jai cursed Manasa’s timing making Vennela giggle. Manasa held Jai’s hand and pulled him inside and Vennela also walked along in Jai’s hold.

Still holding Jai’s hands, Manasa looked at him.



“There is something you should know”


Jai frowned. At that moment they heard another voice.


“What is happening here?”


All turned. Manasa’s family smiled. While Vennela gasped looking at the person. And the person was looking at Vennela with wide eyes making Jai scowl and grit his teeth.


Part 10

Jai held her waist as she climbed down the stairs not minding her protests. Once they were down, he informed others. Deva frowned.


“Jai? Is everything alright?”

“Em parvaledu Nana. Everything is good.”

“Kaani Iragavaram?”

“Mavaiyya! Don’t worry. Ippudu Iragavaram vaalu mana bandhuvulu. They are our relatives.”


Vennela said coolly. Jai raised his brow to her for which she just twisted her lips.

Vennela’s mother glared at her for behaving like this.


“Pellayindi kani, inka nee mental thaggaledu asalu! Ee thingardaani nuvu ela bharistunav jai? You are married yet just as crazy as you were before! How you put up with her!”


Jai smiled adoringly at Vennela who turned her face away.


“That is uniqueness of Vennela atha. I would not like her any other way!”


Secretly Vennela smiled which was not unnoticed by Jai who put his arm around her shoulders and nodded his head towards the car that came to the entrance.

Jai turned to Deva once.


“Don’t worry Nana. We will be back by night.”


Saying he walked out holding Vennela. He made Vennela sit inside the car and went  around to driving seat. Vennela pulled her seat belt and sat crossing  her arms across her front looking ahead of her. Jai smiled knowing she is annoyed.

As Jai sat in the driver seat, his side window was being tapped by Naagulu which irritated Vennela even more.


“Enti Naagulu?”

“Adi.. Vennela puttina roju kada, oka sari gudiki thesuku vellina tharuvatha Iragavaram.. Just take her once to the temple before going to Iragavaram..”


Vennela smiled how she used to make excuse of going to temple and went to the village border and chased away grooms who were coming to see her. And she also remembered how she made the same excuse when she met Jai for the first time. Jai too remembered the same and smiled. But then looking at Vennela’s smile, he grinned.


“Sari Nagu. You want to join us?”


Naagulu sighed.


“Vaddhu le brotheru! The experience I gained by going to temple  with Vennela is enough for this whole life. You carry on.”


Jai chuckled and started the car. Smirking, as he put the gear, he lightly caressed her hand that was resting on her thigh. Vennela gasped and pulled her hand away glaring at him. Deva who saw his son’s mischief smiled as the car zoomed out.

As they made to the border of Rentachintala, Jai stopped the car and got out. Frowning Vennela too got down but with his help. Jai came and stood leaning on the front of his car as Vennela stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.


“Enti Bava? Why did you stop here?Ikada aapaventi?”


Jai looked around once and when he saw that no one is watching them, he moved lightly and pulled her to him snaking his arm around her waist. Vennela’s eyes widened.


“Bava? Em chestunav?”


But he leisurely leaned back on the car front and looked ahead. Vennela after trying in vain rested her head on his shoulder as they both enjoyed the sunset.




He called breaking the silence.



“You know when you and Naagulu stopped me for the first time on this very road..”


Vennela smiled thinking of the first time they met.


“I thought, how stupid you can get!”


Her smile vanished. She scowled as she looked up. But Jai was trying hard to stifle his chuckle which earned him a hit on his back!


“Vennela? What? Ade nijam! Didn’t you get anyone else than that Naagulu to pose as your lover?”


She giggled remembering how she had to do extra hardwork to chase the grooms those who came to her house not believing her lie.


“Em cheyanu Bava? Apudu nuvu pakkana lede?! You were not there at that time!”


Jai looked down at her and smiled as his hold around her tightened.


“Apudu nenu nee pakkana undi unte, asalu vere vaalani choodaniche vaadu kanu. If I were there, I would not have let anyone even come near you.”


Vennela’s smile grew as her face had red hue. Her face glowed in the light of setting sun which made Jai peck on top of her head. Vennela smiled even more. They both stood enjoying the sunset for sometime and when they saw it was almost time, Vennela pushed him into the car and they went on continuing their journey.


Vennela got down as Jai helped her and looked at the house at awe. It was vintage type building but well maintained and it had the authentic aura around it. She felt Jai’s arms going around her shoulders and smiled. She looked around and found a man coming smiling to them. He was all traditional with Palanati Panchekattu and his salt and pepper hair made him look so respectable.


“Naagireddy garu!”


Jai silently spoke in her ears. Vennela nodded her head understanding that this  was the head of the family.


“Ra pa.. Jai! Ela undav?”

“Bagunnanu sir”


He and Vennela bent to take his blessings but he stopped and hugged Jai and kept his hand on Vennela’s head.


“Pelli rojuna, sari ga chooda leka poyuntav! Gurtu pattukovadam kastame! I know that you did not have a chance to meet me during your marriage. Among everything remembering me will be difficult only”


If Vennela was surprised by his observation she managed not  to show it and  smiled just as Jai smiled.


“Padha ma!”


At that moment a lady came with Aarthi.


“Entandi idanta?”


Jai was so embarrassed by the welcome he was getting and so was Vennela. Naagireddy smiled as his wife finished the formality. She looked at Jai and Vennela smiling.


“Entabbayi? Kotha janta intiki modati sari vachinappudu idanta avasarame! This is required while welcoming a married couple for first time!”


Vennela smiled and put her right leg forward as instructed. Her husband was with her in her every step.


“Hello Pratap garu!”


He called for a man who stood there with a briefcase in his hands.


“Hello Jai! Idena ravadam? Long time!”

“Ento sir! Vennela, I used to say right, Veera Pratap garu ani?”

“Abbo! Naa karma ki Veeram okati!”

“By the way? Arent you supposed to be transferred to Vizag?”


He asked knowing what would have happened.


“Adem kadu Jai! He is so fond of this place that he has extended his service here to 2 more years!”


Came Poorna who came and hugged him very fondly.


“Poorna! How are you man!”

“Vaadikem babu! Naa Maradalu sarasaladutuntenu!”


Poorna glared at Pratap making him silent. Jai and Vennela chuckled.


“Vennela, Idi Poorna!”


Vennela and Poorna nodded their heads smiling. Suddenly they heard a chime of anklets. Vennela turned to the staircase and saw a very beautiful girl coming down and understood. None other than Manasa.

Manasa came down running and hugged Squealing,




She did not even mind her family. Poorna was in a coughing fit while Pratap’s jaws were hanging to the floor.

But Vennela was boiling!

SS Rajamouli, The True Jakkanna!

Just watched Baahubali The conclusion. This is not the first time I watched. But I have lost the count of the number of times I have watched the movie. I did not watch it at home, but everytime I went to Theaters to watch it. And everytime I went, my experience was as fresh as the first  time.

And everytime I saw the movie, I found something fascinating each time. One such fascinating thing is the symbolism he used in Baahubali. Let me share it here.


The kingdom Maahishmati has a symbol of 2 horses and a throne with steps. Horses are animals that live in strict hierarchy. Every horse has its place in its Harem. Similarly in Maahishmati, there is a strict hierarchy with King on the top and others have their own places and limits.

And then Hero Amarendra Baahubali is also symbolized with Horse. Horse is very fast with good instincts. And So is Amarendra Baahubali. His speed is unattainable. Horse is also a faithful and loyal animal that never forgets its human friends. And we all saw Amarendra Baahubali’s faithfulness and how even in his last breath he showed his loyalty to his motherland and mother.

Horses are very strong and so is our King.

2. Swan

Swans are known for their elegance and beauty. These birds are clever and can fly at  a great speed despite their weight. This is a perfect fit to our Queen Devasena. Swans have a very good memory and they never forget the behavior of humans towards them. Devasena also has good memory. Swans are symbol of purity and loyalty. Swans are the birds that  mate for life, i.e., they stay life long with just one other male. Another perfect match to our Queen. A Swan has the capacity to differentiate Water from Milk. Same way Devasena is a person who could differentiate good and bad better.

When rubbed on wrong side, Swans can be very dangerous. So is Devasena. When Sethupathy tried to grope her, she very coolly  cut his fingers without even a flinch.

3. Tiger

Tigers are symbol for power. A perfect fit for our powerful Rajamata Sivagami Devi. She is not the queen or she did even sit on the throne. But she had powers that even a king did not have. A true tigress. Highly calculative and fierce. Tigers are very protective of what is their mainly the cubs. We all know how protective Rajamata Sivagami was about the Kingdom and her sons. A tigress does not need the male tiger to look after the family. So does our Rajamata Sivagami Devi.

4. Lion

A lion is the majestic King of jungle. So is our Bhallaladeva Chakravarthi. Lions are very possessive. And we know how possessive is Bhalla of his throne. Lions are very lazy in the day, but highly active at night. A typical trait of Bhalla who planned everything in the dark of nights.

Lions are brave and courageous. Our Bhalla is also very brave and courageous. We saw it in the war, the way he fought thrashing everyone and everything on his way.

These are some fascinating things I found as I watched the movie. SS Rajamouli, very lovingly called as Jakkanna by his close friends, has really carved every details very finely. The way he symbolized all this main characters just blows your mind away. Jakkanna, Bhaga chekkaru sir! Hats off to you!