Part 33


“Vennela.. ready?”

Vennela pinned her saree and checked her braid.

“Ready bava”

Saying she came down and saw Jai waiting near the stairs. She looked around the place and called for one of her assistants.


A pretty looking young girl came to her.

“Enti madam?”

Vennela scrunched her face at the girl.

“Madam enti? Who madam?”

Instead of getting scared Radha chuckled.

“Sorry vadina!”

Vennela smiled and Jai shook his head. Radha was an orphan from Hyderabad whom Jai and Latha helped to study. And Vennela took to her immediately. They became thick as thieves. Jai just liked how they bonded until they did not conspire against him.

“Radha.. Get all the decor ready. Its just 4 days to the wedding.”

“I know Vadina. Today is Kuladevatha Puja and pongali. Tomorrow is pelli kuthu pelli koduku cheyadam. Then we have Nishchaya Janavasam. Then wedding.”

“Thelava bhaaga.”

Vennela praised.

“Yes. Now I think you should be going to your first monthly check up.”

“Now you are talking.”

Jai said.

“Shut up both of you.”

Vennela said and pulled Jai out.

“Bava bava. Bike lo veldam.”


Both turned to see the source of chorus and found Deva, Srinivasalu and Arjun.

“All men against me?”

Vennela glared at them.

“No bike rides for sometime!”

Deva said sternly.

“Car unte car lo vellaka ee bike gola ente?”

Vennela’s father admonished.

“Vennu! It is not good! Get inside the car”

Arjun said. Vennela turned to Jai.

“You heard them.”

Jai shrugged. Vennela grunted.


And Arjun laughed followed by Deva who tried stifling his chuckle. Srinivasalu just looked around, glared at Vennela and left the place hitting his head. Vennela bit her tongue.

“Vennu.. Bava doesnt know right?”


She said feebly and went to sit inside the car followed by a very confused Jai who ignited it and gassed it out. After going a little far, he turned and saw that she was drinking water.



She said trying to gulp the water down.

“What is in the SPEAKING?”

And Vennela went on coughing spree as water went down her throat the wrong way. Jai stopped the car and tapped her head and caressed her back trying to calm her. Vennela took deep breaths as Jai wiped her face with his hanky.

“Are you okay?”

Vennela turned to him narrowing her eyes. He frowned. And


“Osi nee! Why smack me now? I asked if you were fine”

“Why ask that question now? When I was drinking water?”

“Sorry. I did not know it was offensive”

“Offensive ah aavakaya? Start the car and take me to Seetha pinni without asking stupid questions”

Seeing her red face, Jai understood that he has tickled a sleeping dragon. So silently navigated the car in the direction of the clinic.

Seetha smiled at Jai as she came out of examination room as Vennela followed adjusting her saree distracting him to the core.


It took a strong call to get him out of the trance.

“Ahh.. Doctor!”

“Enti Jai.. Still in dreamworld?”

“No no doctor. How is she?”

“She is good. So is your baby. Scan reports will come in an hour. I will send it to home. Or Arjun will come here. I will send through him.”

“Arjun is very serious about the hospital”

“So is your father. Arjun is just bringing your family’s dream true. This clinic is being shifted soon to Arjun’s mother’s home that is being renovated.”

“I know and his father’s place is becoming a school in Iragavaram.”

“Yeah. Anyways. Vennela is fine. The baby looks healthy. But she needs to eat healthy food to gain strength. I already told you that her uterus needs the extra strength.”

Jai took a deep breath as he felt Vennela’s hand holding his tightly.

“Any complications?”

Seetha smiled.

“Ledu Jai. Its perfectly normal. She just needs to get strong. No complications.”

Jai smiled as he held Vennela’s hand back.

“I am giving her vitamins. Her mother knows the diet. And we need to look into her cravings also. Sour things are okay. But not too much. Jaggery eating should be under control and you can eat them after 2 months. Vennela cheptunnadi neeke”

Seetha said sternly  at a sadly pouting Vennela making Jai chuckle.

“Jai, You should be careful around this goofball.”

“I will.”

They were about to get up when Jai saw Seetha looking around. He frowned as she looked at Vennela.

“Next month nunchi, controlled speaking allowed. Not too much. Understand?”

Vennela’s cheeks took to a heavy shade of red as she nodded and pulled Jai out who came out with prescription in his hand. Near the car, he stood scratching his head.



And the dragon again. So Jai silently started the car. Once they were near the rocks, Vennela asked him to stop the car.

“Vennela.. This breeze is not good for you.”

“Its okay. I am going to stand here for sometime.”

Without a choice.. He followed her. After few moments of silence.

“Why were you scratching your head there in the clinic Bava?”

Jai looked at her frowning.

“Speaking speaking enti?”

He asked the one question that kept bugging him for quite some time now. Biting her lips she tried stifling her smile.

“Speaking ante.. Come here..”

Jai gave a confused look.

“Come here ah?”

Vennela smacked on his head.

“Come here. Gimme your ear.”


Jai went with his ear close to her mouth.

“Speaking ante.. Ahem.. Manam kalavadam.. You know.. Night lo..”

“What the”

He yelled


Vennela scowled and looked around. Jai looked around too.


He asked widening his eyes. Vennela nodded her head and looked down. Jai chuckled as he saw how red her face was. His ears weren’t any better either.

“So, no speaking ante?”

“Night time adventure bhandh”


“That is what doctor says.”

Smirking, Jai went close to her.

“What do you say maradalu?”

“I say, our adventure is ours Bava.”

Jai laughed as she his her face in his shirt. He pulled her more into him. Life was good.


9 thoughts on “Part 33

  1. I love it and guess wat I guessed wat speaking is, hurray!!! I love the pregnancy trip u r taking us to. I’m waiting for more Akka and happiest Sankranti. May it bring u happiness in ur new beginnings ❤

  2. Caught up with this update 😁

    Offensive ah aavakaya 😂😂

    She is adjusting her saree and his look goes there yeanya yen ippadi ? Vaayum vayiruma irukka endra nenappu vendam? 😧

    Our adventure is ours – Ahaan.. thaapa pappa.. avan chumma irundhalum iva irukkamatta polaiye 🤔 Speaking is on that means 🤭😎

    I think it’s time we examine Jai’s head must have got a dent by now 🤪

    Arjun wants to build a school ? Great! Not only his structure but his ambitions are also big. 👏🏼

    Thankfully baby and mumma are safe.😌

    I am loving the way this story is progressing. The cute moments b/w bava-maradalu.. thindi ramudu’s humour.. family bonding everything is so well written!

    Keep em’ coming !! 👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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