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After Vennela leaves Hyderabad, at the end of Idedo Baagunde song
OS2: Oka Chance Isthava?
That epic proposal of Jai to Vennela! Oka Chance Isthava?

OS3:  Bava Maradalu Part 1
How did Jai and Vennela feel when he was asked to leave to Hyderabad after the collar  fiasco

OS3: Bava Maradalu part 2

Jai and Vennela leaving to Hyderabad.. LOL

OS4: Maradalu meets Amma

How would Jai feel about the growing bond between his mother and his Maradalu, a girl who makes his heart beat crazy.. 😉

Bava Maradalu Craziness

Jai and Vennela go to shopping.. As Vennela is about to join his office. How does he put up with his feelings towards her? How does she keep riling him up and enjoy the little little moments? Read to Know more.. 😛

Maradalu Rocks.. Bava Shocks

The after effects of shopping with an exasperating Maradalu 😉

After Happily ever After of Jai and Vennela- A Fan Fiction

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