Bava Maradalu Craziness


Vennela called him. It was a Tuesday afternoon when he was sitting on the couch after lunch. Tomorrow Vennela was joining his office. Its been a week since she came here and his mother said that she was good with computers and she can be his help than hers in Event Management. And she said that the next day was good for her to join.

But he knew what she was good at. He just accepted his mother’s request and said that he will take her to office with him. From that moment Vennela was running around him like some headless chicken. Not that he was not enjoying it.

He looked up at her and frowned.

“Enti Vennela?”

“Bava! Tomorrow I am coming to office with you right?”


“You asked me not to wear Langa oni in hyderabad. With Athaiyya I have been wearing these only. And Amma threw all my other dresses saying that they won’t even fit Chinna anymore.”


“I want new dresses Bava!”

She said getting irritated. Can’t that daft man understand? He only asked her not to where Langa oni and now he is not even cared about taking her to a shop to get her a proper dress that he preferred in his office.

“If you want a new dress ask Amma, she will get you.”

“Athaiyya asked you to take me. Are you coming or I will take Athaiyya’s car and go by myself.”

She said keeping her hands on her hips.

“Who asked Amma to teach you car driving.”

Jai mumbled. Latha who came there chuckled.

“Jai! Why are you troubling her. Take her shopping.”

“Okay Mom”

He says obediently.

“Mom enti?”

Vennela scowled.

“AMMA! Happy?”

He said and moved into his room upstairs to change. Latha who looked at Vennela’s victory grin chuckled.

“You don’t leave a chance right?”

“What do you think Athaiyya?”

“Whoever is going to share their life with you will have jolly life.”

Latha said. Vennela frowned.

“Whoever? Why not.. BAVA?”


“I mean Bava is coming. We should leave. Bye Athaiyya.”

Shaking his head Jai moved out but not before nodding to his mother. Both got into car.


“What Bava..”

“Dont stand with hands on hips in front of me!”

He said frowning. Vennela scowled. Trust him to say something like this before a drive!

“Naa nadumu, Naa Chethulu. I will keep. You don’t look!”

She said and turned to look out of the window at the road and traffic. Jai shook his head. What her posture did to him when she  kept her hands on her hips, how will she know? Chaatuga unna aa nadumu.. Choostunte.. Mathi potundeee.. His mind goes crazy. But how will she know?

With all the thoughts in his head, he did not even realize that they have reached destination. Vennela looked at the big shop and then looked at him.

“Are you sure you want me to get dresses from here.”

“That’s why I brought you here right?”

SAying he parked the car and both climbed to ladies section. She looked around and saw all the western wears.


She called with hesitation lacing her voice?”


“Are you..”

“I am! Get anything you like. And Langa oni lu ikada undavu. You are not getting anymore of those half sarees.”

Giggling she went to Jeans section and chose one beige jeans with white top and matching heels sandals and went into the trial room. She came out wearing them and looked around searching for Jai. She found him sitting in front of a mirror. She walked to the mirror and looked at herself keeping her hands on hips.

“Not bad”

She said to herself. She, through the mirror, saw Jai looking at her without even winking his eyes. She turned and raised her brow in question. But in reply she got only stare from him. She frowned. She walked to him and clicked her finger.


He looked up at her and stood to his height. He looked around. Seeing nobody noticing them, he pushed the chair aside and stood close to her.

Vennela’s eyes widened feeling his hand going to her hip.

“Don’t do this again.”

Saying he left her and walked to the other side. Vennela stood there like statue. Still feeling his hand on her.

This man would make her go mad one day!

She thought shaking her head and went to change to her Langa oni.

This girl will make him go crazy soon..

He thought as he walked here and there in that ladies section not knowing what to do.


8 thoughts on “Bava Maradalu Craziness

  1. Hahahahaha Maradalu trying something new and Bava going crazy ! Traditional or modern bava no control ahem ahem…😂
    That was a cute Diwali update !! Thanks for this Meenamma! Special mention to the edit, apt for this update! 👏🏼👌🏼
    Idhedho bagundhi cheli idhena premante mari..😁

  2. Hahaha jai and vernu being too cute
    Our cutie clueless veenu or may be not
    Loved the short and sweet os
    Thanku menu😁😁😁
    Hapoy diwali to u and ur family too

  3. I literally visualized Idhedho Baagundi song Meenamma, beautiful update….waiting to see wat will this crazy girl will do which will make Jai go even more crazier

  4. Thanks for this OS..Meenu..
    First of all,Happy Diwali..Meenu..
    This Os was so Beautiful..
    Vennela antics were so Cute..
    The way Vennela makes Jai to take her for Shopping,it was so Nice.
    Latha compliment for Vennela that who ever share life with her will have a Jolly Life,it was so Cute..
    Vennela reply for Jai for Naa nadumu, Naa Chethulu,it was so Nice,I likes it..
    Jai feelings on Vennela was so Beautiful.
    The Whole OS was so Beautifully explained..
    Please Write like this..

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