Part 31

Jai was searching for Vennela since it was already night. It was Arjuna Manasa’s engagement in 2 days. Last 2 weeks have been crazy with all the shopping and getting things done. More than that, for Jai it was Vennela who has been driving him crazy. She kept throwing up, nothing stayed in her stomach making him miserable to see her that way. But past week her morning sickness had mellowed down and something else was going on with her which made him see grey everywhere.


He called for her after not finding her in the kitchen.


He called for her mother.

“Enti Jai?”

She asked smiling.

“Where is Vennela?”

Lakshmi frowned.

“Last I saw, she was in kitchen..”

“Akkada ledu”

“Did you check in the mezzanine terrace?”

Jai looked at her for a moment, and then ran to the terrace and found her standing near the Parapet. Jai sighed in relief.

“Vennela! I have been searching for you.”

Saying he turned her to face him, only for her to hug him tight and wail loudly. Never once in his life he wanted to see this of her. The last time he saw her crying this bad was when his father asked him to leave the village after disowning him.

So why was she crying now?

“Vennla? What happened?”

But she only cried more. Caressing her back, he slowly lifted her face of his chest and made her look at him. Wiping her tears, he held her face.

“Emayindi Vennela? Why are you..”

“Amma nannu thittindi Bava. Amma scolded me.”

It took sometime for Jai to process this. Then he did the one thing he shouldn’t have. He chuckled which made Vennela angry.

“You are laughing!”

Jai immediately controlled himself and looked at her.

“You were crying for that?”


She said in a warning tone. Jai looked at her and smiled.

“When is Athaiyya not scolding you?”

“She is always scolding!”

“Then? What did you do?”

“I climbed on the kitchen slab to get Bellam”

Jai chuckled.

“Vennela.. She is worried for you ra.. So only she scolded you. You should be careful kada?”

“But I am careful.  And I want Bellam!”

Jai wiped her tears.

“Athaiyya said right.. Jaggery is not good for you now ani..”

“Avunu.. But I want to..”

“I know Vennela. If you want, ask me.. I will get you.. But not at the cost of your health okay?”

Jai smiled. His wife, could be a child at times.


“Good. Never cry like that again. Nuvu ala.. I can’t see”

Vennela just smiled and hugged him tight.

“Bava sorry”

“Cha.. sorry enti.. Now come on! You got to take your medicines and sleep.”

“Bava! Nidra ravadam ledu”

“You will in some time. Pada”

Both went to their room. Jai gave her to vitamins which she swallowed pouting. Chuckling Jai settled beside her and pulled her onto him and caressed her hair.



“Are you happy?”

“About what?”

“Everything.. Marriage, then me postponing family, business, now the baby..”

Vennela looked up and pulled his mustache.

“Ahh! Vennela”

“Bava.. I am so happy.. You don’t have to second guess at all.”

“I have to..”


“First I thought I can manage two kids.. But today.. I think I need help.. Where can I get a nanny for you? Manasa paapam. Can’t handle you. Arjun and you.. Are worst when together. Athiayya cannot manage.. AAAAHHH”

He stopped feeling a very bad bite on his cheek.

“Enduku korikavu?”

“Don’t patronize me! Else I will bite on your other cheek too! Now tap me. I feel sleepy”

Jai chuckled and tapped and caressed her hair as she happily slept off with her head on his chest.


5 thoughts on “Part 31

  1. Thanks for Update,Meenu..
    Merry Christmas..Dear..
    It was Amazing Part.
    Jai became worried when he didn’t find Vennela,it was so Interesting.
    Vennela cried due to her mother scolded her when she climbed for Bellam,it was so Nice.
    The way Jai Convinced Vennela that her mother did like that for her health,it was so Nice.
    Vennela antics were so Cute.
    Jai reply when Vennela asked him that he is happy about baby,it was so Cute.
    The way Jai taking care of Vennela was so Cute.
    The Story is getting so interesting.
    Please Continue soon.

  2. This is a Jai update ! All throughout was his love and concern for his bangaram 😍

    Vennu crying because she couldn’t get bellam 🤣 she’s too cute..

    Yup she has to be careful anything you want ask your bava bangaram 😉

    So thindi ramudu n manasa engagement coming up next..great !! 👏🏼

    Lovey dovey update thank you for this Meenamma and Merry Christmas !! 👍🏼😁

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