Part 28

Vennela was washing the utensils after dinner. Jai came there and started washing them with her and towel dried them. After that Vennela moved out and went up to the mezzanine terrace. Jai followed her and saw her standing near the parapet not minding the chillness of the breeze. He put his arm around her shoulder.

She turned to him and looked at him.

“Where is my wife Vennela?”


“Afternoon, you asked me not to get upset over the results. But I see the opposite.”

She sighed as she went into his arms and placed her head on his chest.

“Maybe with all the symptoms, I developed hopes.”

“I know. But Vennela! There is no urgency here. Its not like we have some problem. Let it happen when it should.”

“Kani bava. Last time when Seetha Pinni spoke about removing my uterus..”

“But she also said this is much common Vennela. Don’t confuse yourself.”

“Adi kaadu bava. Last time it did not affect me much because you were not worrying about babies. Kaani ippudu, when you want to have one, its scaring me. What if I cannot bare a child?”

Jai pulled apart and held her face. He made her eyes meet his.

“Vennela.. Pillalu unna leka poyina, you are important to me. Vennela dont be like this..”

“Sorry bava.”

He  pecked her forehead as she smiled.

“Seri Bava.. If suppose the result was positive?”

“Then, I would have been happy. Because, whoever is going to come.. Will be my darling..”

“Ayithe nenu?”

She asked frowning.



Scowling she hit his head making him laugh. He carried her to their room and deposited on their bed. Seeing him removing his shirt Vennela frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“The obvious!”

“Rei Bava.. Noo..”

“Rei na? You are losing out your respect for your husband.. Now I definitely have to do something..”

“What… Nooo..”

She giggled as he fell on the bed and pulled her on him. And the rest was history as they say.

Both of them forgot the world as they slept peacefully in each other’s arm. Jai’s head was nestled in her bosom while Vennela’s cheek rested on his silky hair. They had their arms around each other as the sun spread its rays on them indicating the blossoming of the day.

Jai smiled as he lost his sleep due to Vennela’s restless hands that were trying to free from his hold. Slowly he placed a peck on the base of her neck and looked up opening his eyes to her face.

But then he frowned seeing her face scrunched. He immediately wore his  pant and shook her awake.


But before she could even speak anything her hand flew to her mouth. Understanding her situation, Jai wound the comforter around her and helped her to the bathroom where she emptied everything she had in her stomach from last night. He washed her face and made her brush and he brushed too. Wiping her face after she was done, he carried her out and made her lay on their bed. He kept caressing her hair as she lay there with her eyes closed.

“Vennela.. You..”

“I am fine.”

She said in hushed voice  as she took his hand that was caressing her hair and placed it on her cheek. Jai did not know what to say. But he just let her do whatever she felt like doing.

“Shall I get you tea?”


Jai was taken aback by the denial as it was loud and stubborn. Vennela never did that. He frowned.

“What do you want Vennela?”

“Ginger ale.”

Again Jai was surprised.

“But you don’t..”

“I know. But right now I don’t think I can have anything else. Even the thought of coffee or tea is making my stomach queasy Bava.”

“Okay. That is enough. I have had enough. Today we are going to Doctor.”

“We should anyway. To collect the reports.”

That is when Jai remembered the phone call of Seetha 5 days in which she said that she would mail the reports to their home as she was going to Delhi for a complicated surgery.

Thinking about the reports, he went down buttoning his shirt and went straight to the kitchen where he found his Athaiyya and Manasa. Manasa smiled as she saw him.

“Good morning Mr. Sleepy head.”

“Manasa? What are you doing here early in the morning?”

“Early? Boss, its 9 in the morning.”

“What. Its so late? God. Office.”

Lakshmi hit her head.

“Today Sunday Jai!”

He stood dumb for a few minutes after which he chuckled.

“Sunday! Yeah right.. I forgot!”

Manasa and Lakshmi chuckled too.

“And where is our Maharani Vennela?”

Lakshmi asked.

“She is not feeling well Athaiyya. She asked for Allam neeru.”

“Hain? Vennela asked for it? Are you sure?”


“Athaiyya.. May be Vennela would need only this every morning here after..”

Manasa said stifling her smile. Lakshmi was clueless while Jai just stared at her.

“Manasa.. I asked you what are you doing here?”

“Today Panthulu is coming to look into dates for engagement and wedding..”


And Jai turned and seeing his look Manasa also went along. Both went to the backside of the village home.

“Yem ayindi Jai?”

“Don’t raise anyone’s hopes Manasa. Vennela told me about the kit and yesterday the result came out too.”

Manasa frowned.

“Are you sure?”


“Then Vennela should be taken to hospital soon. The symptoms..”

“I know. Today we are..”


Both turned to see Arjun standing there going through the mails.

“Today morning Mavaiyya asked me to sort out this week’s mail and I found out one mail on vennu’s name.”

Jai snatched the cover and saw that it were indeed Vennela’s reports.

“Manasa, would you mind bringing the ale to our room?”

“I will bring. You go..”

Jai ran to his room leaving behind a very confused Arjun.

“Why is he running like a mad man?”

“Those are Vennela’s medical reports.”

“Oh! Fine fine.. And what ale?”

“She threw up again I think.. So she wanted something to settle her stomach..”


“Negative result it seems Arjun..”

“Aahh.. don’t trust the home pregnancy kits always. And its too early for them to pick up the hormones.”

“Look at Neuro Surgeon talking like ob-gyn.”

“Not you too Manasa. Basic MBBS teaches us all the basics and remember during last 2 years we are made to assist everyone in the field.”

“I know.. Let us wait for it Arjun. Jai looks upset.”

“Yeah right. Now come, Pedda Mavaiyya called you as Panthulu might arrive any moment now.”

Both went inside.

Here Jai locked their room door and turned to Vennela who was sitting leaning on the headboard of the bed. He saw that she was dressed. He settled next to her.


She turned to him.

“Did you throw up again?”


She said sighing. He sighed too.

“What is happening Vennela?”

“I don’t know.”

“May be we will know. Idigo.. Reports.”

Vennela frowned at the cover.

“I forgot to tell you. Dr. Seetha called me and said she would mail the reports as she is leaving to Delhi urgently for a surgery.”

She sulked.

“What is written?”

“I did not even open..”

“You read it Bava..”

Saying she covered her head with the comforter sulking. She was too tired of her nausea. Jai who was not used to this behavior of her, opened the reports and read them. Slowly his eyes widened and then they filled with unshed tears. Not hearing any sound from him, Vennela uncovered and frowned seeing his state.

She immediately came close to him and held his arm.


He turned to her and a tear rolled down.

“Bava.. Yem Ayindi?”


He said  softly. And held her face in his palms. Vennela’s eyes reflected his emotions as she could never see him shedding tears. She wiped his tear and next moment he buried his face in her neck curve.


“Bava.. What happened? Whatever it is.. Just tell. I cannot see you like this..”

“I.. You..”

“What is in the reports?”

Now her voice shook just like his did. She tried to raise his face but he did not budge.


“We are pregnant!”


13 thoughts on “Part 28

  1. Awe that was soooo cute
    Yup the home kits are not always right
    There is a baby on the wayyyy
    But why did u end it there 😥😥

  2. There, I knew it ! 😎
    Paiyaa didn’t fail me this time. Hard work paid off.. phew ! 😅 Erm.. assuming she wasn’t preggy he worked again oops 🙊 Never mind Jai-Vennila vazhkaiyil idhellam sagajamappa😊

    Congratulations Jai-Vennu !! 💐🤗 He will be running around like an excited kid now.

    Proved you are a DS fan by spinning jalebis but this was worth the wait. 😁Thank you so much for this wonderful update Meenu !! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Seetha pinni talking about V’s uterus removal – That is an hint that another jalebi is coming up. 🤔

  3. Aaaawwww……!!!!! She’s pregnant!!
    But let’s start from the start!! 😛
    I loved Jai taking care of Vennela, trying to comfort her and ofc what followed 😛
    Agree with Priya here “Seetha pinni talking about V’s uterus removal – That is an hint that another jalebi is coming up.” A complication?
    And the last scene was cute ❤
    Though it's annoying in real life but I kinda enjoy men fawning over their pregnant wives 😛 And Vennela is one crazy cutie…imagine Jai's plight trying to keep Vennela from behaving her usual crazy. It's gonna be fun!!!
    Loved the chapter. Update the next one soon!!

  4. Thanks for Update,Meenu..
    It was Amazing and Beautiful Part.
    Vennela felt sad for the Result of home kit..
    The way Jai convinced Vennela that he loves her whatever it be,it was so Nice.
    Jai and Vennela Love Moments were so Cute..
    Jai caring for Vennela was so Nice..
    Arjun said that sometimes Home kits results may not correct,it was Nice.
    Jai emotions on seeing the Reports,it was so Nice..
    Vennela is Pregnant,it was so Awesome News..
    Jai said that We are Pregnant,it was So Cute..
    But You stopped at Interesting Point..It’s ok..
    Waiting for Next part,Please Continue Soon..

  5. Hi this is Shraddha. I just completed reading all the parts. They were soo good. I really liked your way of writing. U write so well. A baby on the way.. Good news 😍😘 I really like their chemistry since Mirchi. Jai is such a caring husband 🤗Continue soon. Do write more and keep up the good work 😊 All the best, Stay blessed 😇

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