Part 29


“Dr. Seetha.. WAS THAT A JOKE? What is in the reports?”

Jai was pacing the mezzanine terrace as he was speaking over the phone. He was still not over the fact that the kit showed negative, on the next day, 5 days old report says his wife is pregnant?

“Jai, cool down. I am in town today. I am coming to meet Jai annaiya. We will talk then.”


He said unconvinced and rushed to their room. As he knew Vennela. But he was not expecting what he saw when he entered the room.

Vennela was sleeping!


Was all he could say as here he was going mad thinking about the reports. But then something flashed in his mind. Usually women faint at this stage. Was Vennela unconscious? That thought gave him shivers making him run to her wake her up.


Groaning she woke up and frowned at him.

“What happened? Why are you disturbing my sleep Bava?”

“You were sleeping!”

“What else do you think I was doing?”

She yawned but then she flew like a jet towards the wash basin.


He ran behind her and held her head from behind as she emptied her already empty stomach. That was when Arjun and Manasa entered with Ginger ale and some crackers for Vennela.


Arjun rushed to her as Jai walker her to the bed after washing her face.


“What is wrong?”

“Ask your Bava.. We saw something, then he said something.. And now something else is only happening.”

Arjun chuckled. Vennela.. And her antics.

“Vennela.. I know the pregnancy kit..”

“It showed negative Manasa!”

Vennela sighed leaning on the headboard of the bed sipping her ale.

“Come on Vennu. They cannot be trusted much. They cannot detect early pregnancies.”

“She is more than 5 weeks pregnant or so says the report!”

“That report was sent by Seetha Pinni right?”


“Come on ra Bava. Seetha pinni is a doctor who has much experience than anyone in this. If her reports say..”

“But.. certain things say otherwise Arjun.”

“You know what I will call Seetha Pinni.”

“She is already here.”

All four turned to see Seetha standing there with a smile.

“Hey Arjun!”

She greeted Arjun who smiled at her.

“Neuro surgeon? Great nanna..”

Arjun smiled again before touching her feet for blessings. Manasa followed the suit. After settling.

“Now tell me what is the problem Jai!”

“Your reports!”

“Okay. Let u sget it clarified. Men out!”


“Arjun. This is not Italy or London or US. This is India and here things are done this way. So you better take Jai out.”

“I am not going out. I will stay in the balcony.”

Shaking their heads Arjun and Manasa walked out while Jai walked to the small balcony attached to their room. Seetha sat beside Vennela and smiled seeing her tired.

“Vennela.. Entamma idi? Can’t you understand your own body?”

“I do Pinni. But you remember the day came for check up..”

“You remember me asking you certain things about your monthly. And you said it was nothing like your usual painful ones.”

“Avunu pinni.”

She said frowning. Seetha smiled.

“How many days did it last.”

“2 days.”

“Great then. Its clear. Sometimes this is common Vennela during Pregnancy. Most women do not understand. But you got it because of your routine miss. And that gave me the hint.”

“But the kit..”

“Oh they are not always right Vennu ma.. Sometimes they don’t catch the hormones at earlier stage.”

“It means..”

“You are Pregnant ra. JAI!”

Jai who was standing in the balcony like a good boy, came in with head hung like a new bride making Vennela and Seetha chuckle.

“Look at him. Does everything with this innocent baby face”

“That face is the problem pinni..”

Jai just shook his head and smiled at the women.

“See, Jai.. You have to be very careful now with her. She is around a month and half along and until she is 3 months, she must rest well, take care of herself and be very careful. And her eating will go down. But make sure she eats at least for the strength to throw up. And No more SPEAKING! And Congratulations new parents.”

Seetha winked making Vennela glare and Jai give her confused look. Chuckling she moved out pinching Vennela’s chin once. Jai looked at her frowning and then turned to see Vennela who was glaring in the same direction taking bites of the crackers.

Chuckling he sat beside her and helped her with another cracker.

“Looks like my wish was granted even before I voiced it.”

“Pretty good time to find out!”


Frowning Vennela smacked behind his head.

“Forgot about yesterday?”

Jai remembered his mother’s 2nd year death anniversary.

“Why do you hit me for that?”

“To make the matter get into that thick head of yours.”

“And here I thought I could handle 2 kids.”

And she smacked again. He chuckled taking her in his arms.

“I am the happiest man in the world!”

“Thanks to me.”


“I gave the news Bava!”

“Well.. I am the reason!”

She was about to smack him again when he pulled her more into him hugging her to his heart’s content.


11 thoughts on “Part 29

  1. Aaaawwww Jai became shy what a sight to behold ! 😘😍

    Vennela you take rest. Arjun, you take Manasa out give some privacy to to-be parents and Jai NO SPEAKING heard that ?? 😡😡

    All doubts put to rest. 😌 Everyone is happy!! 🎊 Yaayyy !!!

    Good update Meenamma ! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼Thank you !

  2. Thanks for Update,Meenu..
    It was Amazing Part.
    Jai called to Seetha Pinni to confirm about Vennela’s Pregnancy,it was so Nice.
    The way Jai Worried for Vennela when she slept thinking she is Unconscious,it was so Cute.
    Jai Conversation with Arjun and Manasa was so Nice.
    Seetha Pinni Confirmed that Vennela is Pregnant,it was so Nice.
    Jai Happiness for this was so Cute..
    Jai and Vennela Conversation and her antics were so Cute..
    The Whole Part was so Beautifully explained.
    Please Continue soon.

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